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Disable Sort By Best Selling In Shopify – Stop Competitors From Stealing

Disable “?sort_by=best-selling” is a great way to stop competitors from stealing your products from your Shopify store. This is easy to do with a little bit a liquid code. Modify your collection.liquid file to this: Or if you prefer using JavaScript, you can insert this code in the <head> section of the theme.liquid file of … Read More

Product Unavailable In My Shopify Store – Easy Fix

If your product is not showing up on your storefront and it’s coming up as “Product Unavailable” that means you haven’t added it to any Sales Channels. Not to worry, this is a really easy fix. Go to the product you want to fix and on the right hand side you’ll see Sales Channels. Click … Read More

How To Cancel A Paid App In Shopify – Quick & Easy

Don’t like an app or don’t want to pay when the trial runs out? You can cancel a paid app in Shopify by simply deleting it from your store. You can delete an app in Shopify by going to Apps, then clicking the red delete button next to the app name. If you are cancelling … Read More

How To Handle Online Exchanges On Your Shopify Store

Exchanges are a part of doing business. It happens, sometimes a product is defective or is the wrong size. Exchange isn’t built into Shopify unless you’re using their POS system. Some store owners have started to use the Shopify POS system to handle exchanges in person. For online Shopify store owners, you’ll have to install … Read More

What Is the Maximum Number Of Products On A Shopify Store

There is no maximum product limit on Shopify. You can upload as many products you want. However, there is upload throttling once your store reaches 50,000 products. After 50,000 products your store will only be able to upload 1,000 products per day. If you need to upload more products per day, you can upgrade to … Read More

Create Downloadable PDF On Shopify – No Code Required

Let your users download a freebie or a white-paper from your Shopify website. To create a downloadable PDF in Shopify: Upload the file to Shopify by going to Settings > Files. Click Upload files and select your PDF. Copy the URL of the PDF. It should start with “https://cdn.shopify” Open the page you want to … Read More

How To Change URL Of Product Page In Shopify In 2 Minutes

Changing the URL of a product is Shopify is easy to do for SEO or any other reason. To change the URL of a product page in Shopify: Go to the Shopify Admin and open the Product you want to edit Scroll down to the bottom Click Edit Website SEO in the Search engine listing … Read More