Let Customer Upload File In Shopify – No Code Required

Eddy Chung

Often you’ll want to allow a customer to upload a file either to customize their product or to verify something. There’s no built-in way to do this in Shopify.

To allow customer file uploads in Shopify, install one of these applications:

App NamePricing per month ($)Trial Period (days)Number Of ReviewsRating (out of 5)
Form Builder with File UploadFree or 106260+4.7
Upload‑LiftFree or 9+740+5
Upload Fields by UploadKit9.95+780+5

Form Builder With File Upload

Form Builder With File Upload is made by the popular app development firm HulkApps. It’s easy to install with just one-click and there is no coding required.

It can be quickly integrated with your contact page and all forms are mobile friendly.

The form builder lets you get an email for every response, add conditional logic, set the redirect URL after submission and have unlimited field options.

The field options include everything you’d want: dropdowns, multiple-choice, email, address and of course file uploads.

Even on the free plan there is unlimited file upload storage. The pro plan offers additional tracking and API access.

Form, Events and Appointments, Upload File, Conditional Form

The free plan will be good enough for most store owners and the paid plan starts at just $10/month with a 6 day free trial.


Upload‑Lift lets customer upload files with their order. You can add the form on the product, contact, cart or order status page.

No theme modifications are required, it’s a quick and easy install. Upload-Lift has a ton of custom form fields including checkboxes, dropdowns, color-pickers and of course file upload.

This app allows for unlimited uploads on every plan and keeps a searchable history of all files uploaded. There’s even an image editor built in for your customers.

Live Preview

This app has a great free plan, but if you need larger files pricing starts $9/month and a 7 day free trial is included.


Uploadery lets your customer upload files with their orders. It supports files sizes up to 2GB and has a built-in image editor.

This app makes it a great choice to optimize custom orders.

Uploaded files appear in order by date in your dashboard and you can also add validation rules, such as height, width or aspect ratio.

Add file upload fields to any product

Pricing starts at $19.99 with a 100 mb file size limit and includes a 14-day free trial.

Upload Fields by UploadKit

Upload Fields allows customers to upload files from wherever they store them. This includes places like:

  • Local computer
  • Capture from webcam
  • Import from web link
  • Facebook
  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Evernote
  • Flickr
  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • VK
  • Huddle

Upload Fields is quick to install and also includes an image editor. You set minimum sizes, accepted file types and adjust the style of the form to your liking.

The upload button (text is configurable)

Pricing starts at $9.95/month and includes a 7 day free trial.