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Free to install

Only pay when an affiliate makes a sale. Grow your business without an upfront cost.

Automatic discount code generation

Track commissions quickly and easily across all discount codes.

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For providing a great merchant experience and reliable customer support.

How it works

Get up and running in minutes.


Install ConvertOut

Setup in minutes, no coding required. Customize to fit your brand.


Share your portal

Ambassadors can pick their own codes and it will be automatically generated in Shopify.


Watch revenue grow

Track your growth and ambassador payouts. Ambassadors can see their own sales.

What people are saying.....


I love this app and how simple it is for our influencers, we have had so many people sign up and we appreciate how easy it is for everyone to utilize. The program is working well for us. I would not recommend any other program or app but this one here!


Mozzie Style

Good app to create a quick and easy affiliate program. We've been using it for over a year now, no issues.



Highly recommend this app! We were able to set up in literally a few minutes and send an email out to existing customers to join. Everything is so easy for the ambassadors to set up themselves, see their sales and request a payout via paypal. Very well laid out and sooo easy to use on both ends.


Dirt Queen SF

...the process for downloading, installing, was INSANELY easy. Can't say enough good things about this - can't wait to do our initial email blast and get more people on the app!



This app is super user friendly and very easy to use. I installed in in minutes and the support team was there to help answer any questions I had! We are already seeing sales from our ambassadors!


Mossball Pets

"This is the first app I have rated on Shopify and its due to the great experience I have had so far. It is simplistic, yet powerful, and best of all the development team (Eddy) is very open to suggestions and making sure the app is highly functional! If you are looking for an Ambassador management system, this is a great place to start!"


Set your commission & discount percentages

Flexible tier system allows you to tailor commissions and discounts for individual affiliates.

Customize your affiliate portal

Make your portal feel like an extension of your brand with customizable text, colors, and images.

Ambassadors can track their own sales

Eliminate back and forth emails with your ambassadors.

Quickly request payouts in the portal

Once an affiliate has reached the payout minimum, they can request a payout in the portal.