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Only pay when an affiliate makes a sale. Grow your business without an upfront cost.

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No cookies here. All tracking is done via discount codes.

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automate your affiliates

Automate your affiliates

Put your program on auto-pilot. Let affiliates pick their own promo code, monitor sales & request payouts from the portal.

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What our merchants are saying

"This is the first app I have rated on Shopify and its due to the great experience I have had so far. It is simplistic, yet powerful, and best of all the development team is very open to suggestions and making sure the app is highly functional! If you are looking for an Ambassador management system, this is a great place to start!"

Moss Ball Pets™

"Great app solved my issue and now I can do the branding easily through influencers. thank you very much"


"I used this app to create an affiliate program. It integrated easily and the process was smooth! Love this app!"


"Very easy to set up and it has a nice layout. It makes it easy to manage the accounts as well, the plan/month is very reasonable"


"I love this app! Requested a feature and less than a week later it was launched! Highly recommend this app!"


"I like the app because it works quite well and its design is fantastic, it has helped me a lot when it comes to ambassadors, thank you so much!"

Plushee Paradise

"Highly recommend this app! We were able to set up in literally a few minutes and send an email out to existing customers to join. Everything is so easy for the ambassadors to set up themselves, see their sales and request a payout via paypal. Very well laid out and sooo easy to use on both ends."

GiGi Active Luxe

"Excellent app, simple to install and best for brands looking to have an ambassador program that is easy to execute."


"This app is great and easy to use. I recommend it to anyone who's looking to starting to grow their own affiliate network."

ZenTrio Health & Fitness

"The set up was a short easy process. I believe this app will truly launch my company. Also the option to pay nothing until revenue is generated by affiliates works great with my new start up business"


"This app is a great resource for brands looking to have an ambassador program. Wonderful service for the cost."

LXE Cosmetics

"So simple, so amazing. I have two ambassadors who have signed up - but the process for downloading, installing, was INSANELY easy. Can't say enough good things about this - can't wait to do our initial email blast and get more people on the app!"

Dirt Queen SF

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