Add Insurance Option To Shopify Cart – No Coding Required

Eddy Chung

You may want to give an option for the customer to purchase shipping insurance in case the product is lost or damaged in transit. Shopify does not have a built-in feature for this.

There are two ways you could add insurance to your Shopify cart:

  1. Install Route
  2. Install an up-sell app


Route is a shipping insurance provider for e-commerce stores.

It costs 0% to the merchant and between 1.5% – 5% to the customer.

To install, follow the instructions on their website here.

Route adds easy tracking for all your orders and makes filing claims simple.

Using An Upsell App

You can use an up sell app to offer insurance to your customer.

Create your own product that is insurance and price it the way you want.

Then use one these up-sell apps to add to the option to your stores cart.

Here are some up-sell apps you can try: