Why Ambassador Marketing Is More Effective Than Paid Social Ads

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Everybody knows about paid social ads - Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are probably the most popular ones. But what if I told you could get similar results with ambassadors and save money?

Lower Reach, Higher Conversion

Let's get one thing straight - ambassadors don't have to be major celebrities or have millions of Instagram followers. In the digital age, we can use smaller ambassadors to grow sales. This wasn't possible before - only one model fits on the billboard.

Traditional media has a limited number of advertisement spots, while social media has a near unlimited number of places for ads.

Although smaller ambassadors have a smaller reach, they typically have a much higher conversion rate. This is because their following is usually people they know personally. Like classmates, coworkers, family, roommates, and workout buddies.

There was a fun study called Dunbar's number, which is the number of people you can maintain connections with. According to this study, it's impossible to have more than 150 meaningful connections. The average human can only recognize around ~1500 people.

So don't be scared to use influencers that have fewer followers, you may find they convert very well. People trust people they know.

Faster To Grow

Paid advertisements require technical knowledge, experiments, creatives, and lots of testing. Lots of time in Photoshop, lots of money spent on tests. After all that work, it's still unclear if the ad will be profitable.

Ambassadors on the other hand are easier to recruit and are simpler to understand. The more ambassadors you recruit, the more sales you will create. They create their own content and do their own testing.

It's an easier and more stable way to grow your brand. Your recruiting hustle has a much higher chance of paying off.

Cheaper & Commission Based

Most ads you pay per click or pay per view. But sadly, most of know that clicks or views doesn't equal revenue.

With ambassador programs, you pay via commission. You only pay when your ambassador makes a sale! No more wasted ad spend.

Higher Retention

Algorithm updates and policy changes can quickly derail a successful paid advertisement campaign. One day your ad is running, the next day it isn't.

The most frustrating part of these updates is not knowing what went wrong. Did ad spending get more competitive? Did you do something wrong or is it Facebook's algorithm?

With ambassadors, you have partners that continue to sell for you, thru algorithm updates and policy changes. This leads to more consistent sales.

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