Are Affiliate Programs Profitable With Shopify?

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An affiliate program is very beneficial for store owners on Shopify. What could be better than growing your sales without doing anything? In an affiliate program, affiliate marketers do exactly that. They promote your store to potential buyers so that they get a cut after each sale. The question remains are affiliate programs profitable with Shopify for store owners.

Affiliate programs are very beneficial for Shopify store owners. Your store's sales and reputation grow with you hardly putting time into it. Also, creating affiliate programs as a store owner is very convenient and low-risk thanks to Shopify's policy and numerous partner apps.

As an aspiring entrepreneur who’s looking to grow sales on his Shopify store, there are few things to know about it. In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about the benefits of affiliate programs for your business. So, keep on reading till the end. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Beneficial for Your Shopify Store?

Shopify affiliate as a store owner is a risk-free investment. It is because you only pay your affiliates if they successfully convert a sale. You shouldn't ignore affiliate marketing to grow your sales. Affiliate marketing drives up to 16% of all e-commerce sales in the US.

Three-fourth of the buyers visit about three stores before deciding to make a purchase. As you can understand, the decision-making process involves a lot of thinking back and forth. They are likely to trust your brand if they come to know about it from other sources.

Affiliate marketing makes your brand more reliable to potential customers. A brand will always say good things about its products and buyers rarely believe them. They will only trust your brand if they hear good things about your brand from other sources, like their favorite blogger, or the YouTube channel they always follow.

An affiliate program also advertises your brand globally. The internet isn't confined to one state or country. It is accessible by the whole world. If you leave the thought of making sales through affiliate sites for a second, it is still the biggest medium of advertising your brand to potential buyers.

Even if your store is not in Shopify or any other online platform, if your store is brick and mortar; affiliate marketing is still likely to bring a massive number of customers to your site. And when your store is in Shopify, the number can easily become thousand fold.

How Affiliate Programs Can Help Promote Your Business 

Shopify has become a revolutionary e-commerce platform since its inception in 2004. In more than 12 countries, Shopify supported stores have contributed more than 1 billion dollars to the country’s economy.

This applies to big countries like the USA, UK, Australia, China, etc. In smaller countries, Shopify has left their footprint as well. In more than 40 countries, Shopify-supported stores have contributed more than 100 million dollars. Since 2016, the total global economic activity of Shopify businesses sums up to 183 billion dollars.

Here is how Shopify affiliate programs can help promote your store and grow your sales:


Marketing and advertising are the key to promoting any brand. Even the biggest corporations in the world spend millions on advertisements despite being an already renowned brand. The same goes for your Shopify store. However, as a beginner, spending cash isn't an option for you. You have to look for something economical while at the same time, do the job well.

That’s why you need Shopify affiliate programs. Investing in a Shopify affiliate program is very affordable. You get the same benefits as spending huge chunks of money on ads. Your store will grow fast beyond your imagination.

Turn Customers into Affiliates

With Shopify affiliate programs, you not only gain customers but also potential affiliates. In fact, customers are your biggest channel of sales. There is not a better individual who can promote your brand than the one who has already benefited from it.

Affiliate marketing is lucrative. So, when you gain customers who have a loud voice, they are likely to turn into your loyal affiliates. They can tell others how they used your products, what they liked about it etc. all from their personal experience. It will all sound personal and more tempting. In turn, the chances of your business growing shall increase.

Increase Income and Brand Recognition

Affiliate programs help your store in two ways. It generates more revenue and at the same time, makes a name for your brand. It kind of works like multi-level marketing, thanks to the Shopify partner apps. There are multiple tiers and reward programs for affiliates.

If an affiliate can convince others to join your affiliate program, he gets a cut. The newly joined affiliates also do the same. Thus, both your brand recognition and income grow parallel to each other.

Increase Social Reputation 

People respect the opinions of people they follow on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms. So, the more influencers and bloggers talk about your brand the more brand reputation you will get. This will greatly increase the value of your product. 

Just think about why Nike, Puma and so many other sports brands invest so much for celebrity endorsements. People look up to these celebrities. And when they recommend a certain company, their reputation skyrockets. You are basically doing the same thing, just on a smaller scale. 

No Risk Advertisement

Affiliate programs are completely risk proof. You are not paying to just show your product. You are paying for every sale made. 

This means even though you are not making as much as you originally wanted. You are at least not paying for advertising to people who won’t buy your product. 

Why Choose Ambassador Affiliate Marketing By Convert Out? 

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Shopify has become the center of attention for entrepreneurs who want to make a name for themselves. Shopify has managed to gain their trust by maintaining a healthy affiliate program. If you are still wondering are affiliate programs profitable with Shopify, you already have the answer.

Shopify's partnership with third-party apps is highly admirable. This makes initiating affiliate programs and managing it for store owners easier than ever. With everything that the Shopify platform offers, it's hard to pass the desire to do something and become a brand yourself. 

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