Brand Ambassador Welcome Package Ideas For Your Shopify Store

Brand Ambassador Welcome Package Ideas For Your Shopify Store

You need to exceed the expectations of anybody you're looking to convert into a brand ambassador. The welcome package or your product packaging can greatly increase the chances of a customer becoming an ambassador.

Here are some ideas for brand ambassador welcome packages:

  • Custom Packaging
  • Company Stickers
  • Free samples of your product
  • Marketing cards
  • Swag

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is a great way to amplify your company's brand and messaging. Remember the experience of receiving and opening the product is as important as the product itself.

Look how PYM chews wraps their chews:

Custom ecommerce packaging example
Photo from @OliviaJune

Having custom packaging greatly increases the chances that your brand ambassador will snap a photo or record unboxing video and share it with their online following.

You have many different options to create custom package these days.

  • JukeBoxPrint is a great provider of custom wrapping paper, mini-boxes and packing tissue paper.
  • Packlane provides mailer boxes, product boxes, shipping boxes and even eco-friendly options too.
  • Uprinting has many options to customize your packaging. Pouches, poly mailers, corrugated mailer boxes, packing tape, sleeves, hang tags, gift bags. Whatever you want, they probably have it.

With all these great options, it's never been easier to have custom packaging.

Company Stickers

Stickers are a great inclusion to your welcome package. Your ambassadors can put these on their laptop, phone or water bottle.

This way you can get a physical presence in the world without spending too much money.

The previously mentioned providers for packing materials also offer stickers. You can also try out these providers:

Free Samples Of Your Product

Free samples are a great way to get your ambassadors to experience your company.

You can send some of your "best hits" to your ambassadors so they can share the products with their audience.

Pura Vida Bracelets sends their ambassadors 5 of their bracelets. This allows the ambassador to share their bracelets with some of their friends if they choose.

Example of micro-influencers on Instagram rep program
Image from @puravidabraclets

Marketing Cards

Marketing cards with the ambassador's promo code is a great way to help your ambassador sell.

Your ambassador can then share their code by handing out their marketing card in person, or in a photo with them holding up the card.

Most business card websites can create this kind of product for you - VistaPrints is one I've used before.

Printed postcard
Image from VistaPrint


Swag refers to t-shirts, water bottles, mugs, key chains or any other general item that has your company logo printed on it.

This is great for creating a physical presence for your brand - however it can be expensive. I recommend reserving this for ambassadors who are already selling your products consistently.

When you're ready to distribute swag to your ambassadors, here are some sites that can help produce those items:

Image from

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