Create a Shopify Vendor or Brand Page In 10 Minutes

Create a Shopify Vendor or Brand Page In 10 Minutes

Creating a vendor or brand page is a great way for your customers to browser a brand they like.

It's simple to set one up in Shopify using automated collections.

Go to Product > Collections in your Shopify Admin.

Then create a collection and change the condition to be equal to a certain vendors name.  

Now you can navigate to Collections and then click on the collection you just created. Click the View button underneath the title and your vendor page should open.

The url will be something similar to

Create A Page Of All Vendors

You might want to add a page that allows visitors to browse by vendor. The easiest way to do this is with a Shopify App called Brand Page Builder.

Brand Page Builder is a simple app that creates a nice looking brand page for all your vendors. No coding is required and multiple layouts can be used.

Pricing starts at just $9.99/month and there is a 3-day free trial included.

Code It Yourself

Maybe you don't want to pay for an app like Brand Page Builder or perhaps you want a very custom layout.

You do have the option to code it yourself which will allow you to fully customize the look of your brands page.

Shopify Partner's has a blog post explaining how to get started on coding a brand page.

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