Does Shopify Help With Marketing? Let's Find Out!

Does Shopify Help With Marketing? Let's Find Out!

Marketing is a core part of any online business because it’s what drives traffic to a seller’s website. If eCommerce platforms like Shopify help its users with marketing, building a successful business can become much easier for them. But does Shopify help with marketing?

Yes, Shopify does help its users with marketing. This platform has some built-in marketing tools that Shopify store owners can use to launch, manage and track their marketing campaigns.

In this article, we will explain to you how Shopify makes marketing easier for its users. We will also talk about how you can advertise your Shopify store on the internet. Learning these will help you launch successful marketing campaigns for your business and increase traffic to your store’s website.

How Shopify Makes Marketing Easier?

Shopify has built-in marketing tools in its platforms that its users can take advantage of. On top of that, this platform also offers free courses to anyone who wants to improve their business and marketing skills. Not to mention you can track the results of your promotional campaigns on this platform with just a few clicks. In other words, Shopify truly makes marketing easier for its users.

Shopify’s core product includes some very useful features and tools that make marketing very easy and simpler for the store owners on that platform. And the best part, you don’t need any marketing or coding experience to use these marketing tools. 

Here is how Shopify makes marketing easier for your brand:

Shopify Offers Marketing-Related Tools

When you are a shop owner at Shopify, you don't have to spend hours searching the web to find the right marketing apps for your business. Shopify already comes with built-in SEO and blog tools for you to use. You can also create Google or Facebook shopping campaigns from the admin dashboard. 

If the built-in marketing features and functions don't cover what you need, don’t worry. There are literally hundreds of marketing apps available for you in Shopify’s app store. There, for each app, you will find a media gallery showcasing the best features. You can also check out the reviews from verified users of these apps before you choose one for your store.

Customize Shopify Themes for Increased Conversions

In Shopify, there are various theme customization options available for you to choose from. You can optimize your store’s theme for increased conversion rates.

This is one of the most important marketing features of Shopify. As you can personalize your store, you can show your audience your value proposition accurately. In Shopify, you can also replicate themes, update your older themes, or download themes for future use.

Shopify Learn is an Invaluable Source of Knowledge

Shopify isn’t just an eCommerce platform where its users can set up online stores. It is much more than that. This eCommerce platform actively helps its users to improve their marketing and business skills. And they do that through Shopify Learn.

It is a platform where you can learn all about different business and marketing skills and strategies. And the best part, Shopify offers it to anyone for free of cost.

The courses are a mix of articles, video lessons, workshops, and guides for marketing and business. There, you can start learning about SEO, marketing, productivity, dropshipping, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more. Learn all the secrets of marketing for free and take your online business to the next level.

Save Money Through Shopify’s Robust SEO Features 

If you want to gain visibility on Google, MSN, Duckduckgo, etc., your Shopify store has to be properly optimized for search engines. And Shopify can help you with that as this platform has built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functionally to make sure your store pops up in your potential customers’ search results.

As a result, you won’t have to spend money and time seeking help from professional SEO experts. You can rest assured, Shopify’s robust SEO features will do the job perfectly.

Tracking Your Campaign is Easy With Shopify

Shopify has Google Analytics integrated into its platform. And you can take advantage of the advanced eCommerce features of this analytics platform with just a click of a button.

When you are creating a Facebook Ads or Google Smart Shopping campaign in Shopify, the ad will be automatically populated with the product title, images, and description from your store’s page. 

And after launching the campaign, you can easily track the results in Shopify. So, you won’t need to switch to another platform just so you can compare the results of your advertisement campaign. With Shopify, tracking your campaign is quick and easy.

How Can You Advertise Your Shopify Store?

There are free and paid methods for advertising your Shopify store. The free advertising method includes content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. As for the paid advertising method, you can launch Facebook Ads or Google Ads campaigns. You can also start email marketing to drive organic traffic to your store’s site.

Shopify doesn’t advertise your product for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t promote your product at all. In fact, Shopify provides all its users with the necessary tools to help them with marketing. 

Free Methods

Content marketing and search engine optimization is the first thing you can do in Shopify as part of your marketing campaign. And in this eCommerce platform, this marketing strategy is effortless and easy. Shopify provides its users with complete blog functionality so that they can promote their products on the internet.

In order to enable organic traffic to your store, your product pages have to be search engine optimized. And for that, you have to target the right audience and use appropriate keywords. This will increase the rank of your product pages in Google, MSN, or other popular search engines. And as a result, your store’s website will appear more in people’s search results.

You can also start social marketing. In today’s world, a majority of the population uses social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on a daily basis. These platforms are the perfect place for you to promote your product. 

Create an affiliate program and connect with people who make content that is relevant to your products. They can promote your brand for a commission. Now, managing your affiliate program can become difficult as you grow as a company. For that, we’ve created our Ambassador Affiliate Marketing app which automatically manages and tracks your affiliations. So, make sure to check it out before starting your affiliate program. 

Paid Methods

If you want your product to reach among the masses, paid advertisement campaigns are your best bet. You can use Facebook Ads for that purpose. This is one of the most user-friendly and easily accessible platforms available out there. And here, you can target a specific audience for your marketing campaign and attract organic visitors to your store’s website effectively.

Google Ads is another great platform for paid advertisement campaigns. And with Shopify’s google smart shopping campaign integration, you can launch an effective Google Ads campaign without having any knowledge about advanced advertisement settings. Just set your daily budget on Shopify and Google’s smart shopping technology will handle the rest of the work for you.

Google will use all your product information from your Shopify store’s product page, automatically create ads and show them on all platforms like Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, and Google Display Network. And as your advertisement campaign runs, its smart shopping technology will evaluate the results and use it to optimize the campaign automatically to make it more effective.

Email marketing is another great way to market your product to your target audience and increase traffic to your store’s site. There are some email marketing services that you can use for free. But to get the most out of such campaigns, you may want to go with a paid service.


Shopify has made it easy for its users to create, manage and track marketing campaigns. Its powerful marketing tools are what made that happen. And Shopify will keep adding new robust features in the future to make marketing even more simplified.

Hopefully, through this article, you now understand whether or not does Shopify help with marketing and how they do it. Have a great day. And thanks for stopping by!

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