Free Brand Ambassador Welcome Email Templates For Your Shopify Store

Free Brand Ambassador Welcome Email Templates For Your Shopify Store

So you've landed an ambassador, but how can you make sure they stay and promote your brand?

It's always best to overdeliver and make the ambassador's job as easy as possible. That way, they're more likely to post your brand. Remember this, the faster the ambassador makes their first dollar, the more likely they will continue to promote your company.

Timing matters. Speed matters.

Here's a template you can download for your first ambassador welcome email:

Welcome Email Template For Ambassadors

Use it as you please. Modify it to fit your company's ambassadors program!

Here are the components of the Ambassador Welcome Email:

  • A Warm Welcome & any freebies they will be getting
  • Compensation explanation
  • How they can earn fast
  • Marketing material
  • Where they can get help

The Warm Welcome

The first couple of sentences should welcome the ambassador to the family! Remind the ambassador of the company mission - whether that's saving our oceans or planting more trees!

The next section should focus on what they'll receive, either in the mail or digitally. Perhaps you're going to be sending them a sample pack of the company's best products, a free t-shirt, a Facebook group invite, or a digital coupon they can use to buy products to promote at a steep discount.

Everybody likes free stuff (and discounts)!

Compensation Explanation

Here's where you explain how much and how often the ambassador will be paid. Everybody likes getting paid.

For example, you can explain they will be paid based on their likes, or views on a piece of content.

Or perhaps you will pay them a commission of the sales they create through their unique promotional code.

You should also explain how they can track their earnings and if they will be paid weekly, monthly or quarterly.

If you have an ambassador dashboard or app, remind them to update their payment information in there.

How They Can Earn Fast

Here's a great place to showcase any previous ambassadors you've had.

You can explain how AmbassadorX earned over $X in just X days with X posts! Inspire your new ambassadors and provide tips and tricks on promoting your brand.

Describe the types of posts, videos, or other content that has worked well before. Provide examples so your ambassadors can do their best work.

Marketing Material

Now that you've described how they can earn money fast. It's time to give them the marketing material to do so.

You should link to a page with social media templates for all the platforms. I'm talking about Instagram story templates, YouTube video trailers, Pinterest Pins, Twitter templates - everything.

Make your ambassadors job as easy as possible. They should be able to click a link to retweet one of your pre-made marketing messages. Or click a link to download a photo to their phone to post on Instagram.

Where They Can Get Help

You should provide a way for your ambassador to get help in case they have questions about your product, image, or brand. This can be a Facebook group, an email address, or an online knowledge base.

Remember your ambassadors are like a mini-sales force. Treat them well and they'll treat you well :)

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