How To Promote Shopify Store For Free? 7 Clever Tips

How To Promote Shopify Store For Free? 7 Clever Tips

Creating a webstore and stocking up on the supplies is just the first step. Promotion is the most important part of any business. Even for Shopify stores. Doesn’t matter how great the quality of your product is. If people don’t know that your website exists, you won’t be making much sales, obviously. Now, as a beginner you might be tight on the budget and want to find out some ways on how to promote Shopify store for free

To promote Shopify Stores for free, it is necessary to use some marketing strategies such as optimizing stores in search engines. It helps the stores appear in the relevant search results to reach the targeted audience. Proper interaction with the customers and marketing will also promote your Shopify stores.

But that’s not all. In this article, we will be sharing 7 tips on promoting your Shopify store for free. So, if you are new to the world of Shopify web stores, please keep on reading. 

7 Clever Tips

These tips will ensure that the strategies are working effectively. The most interesting fact about these tips is that they do not require any costs when promoting Shopify stores.

1. Use Keyword Optimization in Your Website

Technically, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are free of cost. There are no charges for optimizing the Shopify stores through websites in the search engines. Nearly 60% of the customers purchase products based on website blogging content. 

The content page in your website that contains the store link will appear in the most relevant search engine result pages. As a result, the targeted audience searching the product in search engines will enter your website. The website will eventually lead the customers to purchase from your Shopify stores.

To ensure efficient optimization, you need to search for relevant keywords. So, the keywords should be relatable to the store as you will need to include those terms to produce quality content about the products. The store will automatically experience an increase in visitors and buyers.

To make it more effective, use long-tail keywords. These are keywords with more than three words and are more precise. The customers mostly search for products with specific keywords. So, using long-tail keywords in the product titles will lead them to check out the Shopify stores more often. Make sure the keywords are not excessively used, it might affect your ranking.

2. Attract Customers Using Title Tag Optimization

Not only optimizing keywords in your website is enough for appearing on top of the search results. Optimize the title tag and Meta description. The title tag mostly determines whether a customer will visit the store or ignore it. Combine the main keywords with the product title tag and make sure the total characters are within 50 words. 

The Meta description will represent the contents of the products sold by the store. A short description containing the main keywords will attract the customers to search for queries about the product. Thus, place the description in a way that looks relevant to the products you’re selling. Keep the Meta description under the title tag within 150 characters. 

3. Connect with Influencers 

Influencers tend to have a large customer base. They have thousands and millions of customers searching for the products that you sell in your Shopify stores. Some influencers with thousands of followers will accept free items from the Shopify stores to promote them.

Connect with influencers working in your niche by mailing or sending them a text regarding the issue. In the text, ask if they are willing to accept the free product and review it in their accounts without charging you. If they’re interested, send free products to their place. 

Ask them to mention the store link in their posts. There will be many eyes on the featured products, thus inviting customers to the stores for free. The level of effectiveness in this method will depend upon the number of followers the influencers have. 

Another great way to make influencers talk about your product is by affiliating with them. Giving them commissions for every sale you get through them. If you are interested in doing affiliation programs you can download our Ambassador Affiliate Marketing application to manage and track your affiliates. 

4. List The Shopify Store in Comparison Shopping Engines

If you are confident enough about your products and their pricing, consider listing your store in Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs). It is a platform where many products are listed for the targeted customers. Gradually, this platform can increase the chances of having higher sales. You can include all the details of the products that you used on our website. is such a CSE platform. The chances of higher sales increase after listing on this website as they get 9 to 12 million views per month. The more customers visit your store on the CSE platforms, the greater awareness of your Shopify store.  They do not cost the sellers to list their products on their website. 

Other free comparison shopping engines include PriceRunner and DealOz. These websites also display product information and pricing of many products. In addition, PriceRunner has a different price feed layout in some areas. Since its layout is more compatible with Google Product Listing Ads (PLA), it will reach more audiences to promote your store effectively.

5. Commenting and Posting on Niche Commenting Sites

Using the power of commenting properly will make it possible to promote the stores effectively. Although it is a slow process, it can invite many customers to your store. It exposes the store name to thousands of commenting site users who have different queries regarding similar products. 

To do this, you will have to be interactive enough. Firstly, when people post queries about similar products, offer some advice and mention your Shopify store in the comments section. Make sure to comment in relevant posts only.

Similarly, you can post to promote in niche-related forums. The posts should be helpful; when people find your post helpful, they might enter your profile. Add the Shopify store link to the signature of your profile. For posting, avoid using too many product links; it may affect the quality of your post to look like an advertisement. Even here, your post should be relevant.

6. Create a Referral Marketing Strategy

As we mentioned earlier, most customers will agree to leave a review after a seller asks for it. The seller should be polite and gentle when requesting the customers. Now, if they drop a good review on the site, it will help the existing shoppers to purchase more products. But if they share them with shoppers outside the community, it will encourage new customers.

A referral marketing strategy will lead the customers to suggest your store to their friends and family. It is considered an effective promotion tip as people trust reviews coming from the people they know. In most cases this will work for free; you do not have to provide an incentive to the customers for forwarding the store link to some people.

7. Promoting Through Applications

Promoting through social media apps has gained enough popularity. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest will help grow your store in Shopify. The tips involve catching the attention of potential customers. Add the Shopify store link to your profile and make it public. Secondly, create a page for your website and make product posts.

Also, make sure to post shareable content as well. Publishing relevant sharable content is the best way to reach more people and create brand awareness. 


Promotion is crucial for any business. And by now, you have learned how to promote Shopify stores for free effectively. These strategies might be free but they are few of the most effective ways to promote your business. 

We hope that you experience an increase in sales with the help of these tips. Thank you for reading till the end.

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