Increasing Brand Ambassador Sales For Shopify Store

Increasing Brand Ambassador Sales For Shopify Store

Increasing your conversion rate is usually far cheaper than increasing the number of leads. Here are some ideas to increasing your ambassador sales.

Offer Freebies

Freebies or “swag” are great ways to show appreciation for your ambassadors.

They don’t have to be expensive either! Simple laptop stickers, postcards, or keychain trinkets work great. Your ambassadors will also probably show them off on their social feeds as well!

If you're able to offer samples of your products, even better.

Offer A Larger Commission

Money talks. Literally.

This might seem obvious – offer a higher commission and ambassadors will be incentivized to sell more.

Here’s a tip, offer a higher commission when you launch to sign up many ambassadors, but lower it to later on to grow profits.

Send Emails

You can email your ambassadors about new products and sales going on in your stores.

Send them ideas for their social media post to make their job easy.

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