Shopify Brand Awareness Strategy: Why You Need It and How

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How do you make your product or brand known to most of your target customers? Or if you’re planning to sell to customers around the world, how do you make your brand message reach them? These are questions that have very difficult and mostly expensive answers back in the days when the Internet has not yet been made available. We have gone from local ads that are shown in TVs and played in between radio programs and are broadcasted nationally to a world where much commerce already happens over the web.

Brand awareness strategies have evolved so much from the “spray and pray” approach to the now targeted methods that makes use of different online channels like social media and the worldwide web as a whole. It has gone from expensive to less expensive and even cheap and free marketing methods that are all aimed at spreading brand awareness. But how exactly can you spread the word about your business? We are going to explore the answers in this article so just read on towards the end.

Marketing & Brand Awareness

It is impossible to separate these two from each other. One of the ultimate goals of marketing aside from attracting customers and bringing in traffic to your site is spreading brand awareness. It is how you make your business known to your target customers. Marketing is how you introduce yourself and your product or brand to them. Spreading brand awareness does not only involve creating an FB group and posting in social media. It is about the different marketing strategies that maximize every available method in order to get your product/business/brand exposed.

Brand awareness is your friend and to a businessman, it is your partner. It is therefore important that you know every method and strategy there is so you can get the world to as much people as possible. And here are the available methods which work best in achieving such goal:

1. Start With an FB Page and Group

To kick off your brand awareness strategy, it’s a good idea to start with those that would not entail any cost. You will need to be as thrifty as possible during the first stages of the process as you strive to build a strong business. Start with the free methods such as starting your very own FB page and building a closed group where customers can commune and share thoughts about their experiences in using your product.

An FB group is where customers can also share what they think about their journey in dealing with purchasing items from your shop. In the age of social media, building brand awareness and establishing online presence is almost synonymous to starting a presence on FB and other social media platforms.

In fact, social media marketing plays a big role in the success of the top brands that you see around. Those top Shopify stores actually started promoting their brand on social media then expanded to other marketing strategies like those that use Google, SEO, and content marketing. Since it is highly possible that you will start everything alone, what you can do as a foundation to your overall brand strategy is establishing your online presence by setting up a page in social media platforms.

2. Optimize Your Site Content with SEO

Search Engine Organization has worked effectively over the years and there are no signs that its influence is going to decline in the years or even decades to come. It is one of the first online marketing strategies and it has been in use for decades now.

The rise of search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others sparked the beginning of this modern method of spreading brand awareness and as a Shopify store owner, you will need to be aware of its usefulness and the advantage that it can offer to your business when you choose to use it.

Start by optimizing your shop’s FAQs, About Page, and other crucial website pages with keywords that are related to the industry where your product or brand belongs. Be sure to be as natural as possible. Your pages should not sound like a robot. Talk in natural language, check for any grammatical errors, and keep it formal when it needs to and casual when the page demands such.

It is also a good practice to optimize product pages but again, try to sound as natural as possible. Always try to project sincerity and aim to inform instead of just sell the product in your description and product copies.

It is true that SEO really is time consuming but the results that it can produce is going to take you to the top and that is for sure. Just imagine your customers being able to find your pages because it appears on top of the search results. Achieving that takes a lot of effort but it isn’t impossible. Combine consistency with perseverance and you’ll surely achieve that goal.

3. Engage in Content Marketing

Another brand awareness strategy that works is through the use of content like videos for instance. You might have already seen those DIY guides and other videos that show the use and features of a particular product or brand all over social media. These are just examples of content marketing but you can be more creative in different aspects so your content stands out among others.

But it is not just videos and HD photos that you can use for your content marketing strategy because you can also use articles and other written content to promote your product or brand.

There is so much to explore when it comes to content marketing and there are still some other ways to do it. You just need to add some creativity and innovation in order to find which one would really work for your business model. Research what your competition does and learn some best practices. There’s plenty of materials to learn from all over the web.

4. Widen the Scope of Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs seek to provide your loyal customers with a way to express support for your business. It is aimed at collecting authentic endorsements from your most avid brand supporters and no matter from which angle it is looked at, the strategy itself really works. There are several ways to implement an affiliate program for your business.

You can use third-party apps and many other strategies that will reward your loyal customers with commission for every sale that they bring in or you may also offer them sponsorship. Think of the best way for you to express appreciation for those customers and you’ll see how affiliate program can help in spreading the word about your business further.

5. Capitalize on Brand Reputation and Customer Support

Brand reputation is anchored upon your customer support strategies and methodologies. When customers get the assistance that they need at the time that they really need it, good reputation is almost automatic. These customers would even recommend your product or business to their friends and family. One way that you can strengthen your brand’s reputation is to ensure that you have an efficient customer support group. Ones that are knowledgeable about your product, those that know what process a particular customer would need to go through for every particular issue that they report.

It is important that your customer support agents also know every ounce of detail about your product and how common problems and issues can be solved. Some even have a set standard for answering and dealing with different issues so that customers can be entertained and the most urgent ones can be prioritized.

Group your agents to different departments and give them proper training and templates while emphasizing the importance of talking like a human instead of sounding like a robot. Customer support is one of your greatest tools for maintaining good reputation so better spend time developing it.

Brand Awareness: An Important Tool For Growth and Development

There you have it, the importance of brand awareness and how you can implement it for your Shopify business. Getting your brand/product’s message to the world is something that every business owner needs to focus on especially at the beginning stages of your business. Taking steps to get this strategy on its foot is crucial for both growth and development. When you things right then everything else will simply fall into place. Remember to be authentic and add some spice of uniqueness to your brand message.

This is also the stage where you introduce brand identity and how you distinguish yourself from your competitors. Be creative and innovative as much as possible and avoid copying from others. Remember that brand awareness will influence how customers think about your brand. This is where you start imprinting your business to their minds. Some use jingles to encourage the “LSS” or “Last Song Syndrome” while others make ads that are entertaining. These are all strategies for brand awareness and when you do it right, you’ll surely get to your goal slowly but surely!

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