Shopify Dropshipping: Maintaining the Momentum for a Best Selling Product

Shopify Dropshipping: Maintaining the Momentum for a Best Selling Product

You’ve already gone through every step in setting up your very first Shopify store and it is basically done. The theme already looks great, the checkout process has already been optimized and you even started every marketing strategy that’s there is to make your product or brand known to your targeted audience online. In short, everything is already up and running and luck even opened its door for you and you found a best-selling product that has already started bringing in a good stream of income to your store.

Everything is perfect and each day, you’re getting pretty high sales and your supplier is able to serve every single order, shipping them on time, and delivery time is relatively good except for a small number of failed orders here and there. Your business simply has become a big hit and the question now is how you will be able to maintain that momentum so there could be a continuous stream of customers flowing into your shop and are making a purchase of your best products?

These are crucial questions needing some definitive answers and a foreseeable problem that requires some actionable solutions so in this article, we are going to discuss each of the possible ones so you can see which of them will apply to your business and help take your product and business development to the next level.

Maintaining Momentum: What You Need to Do and How

You are feeling very excited of the achievement that your shop was able to reach but you need to put in mind that it will not be a long-lived one if you don’t employ some measures that will preserve your shop’s overall status. As a responsible business owner, it is important that you are able to find ways and means to keep the momentum of growth going for your shop. So join us as we explore what these steps are so you can see which ones going to make positive impact to your shop.

1. Keep Customers Coming using Discounts and Vouchers

Customers who already purchase one product from your shop will take time until they order another one but if you have some other products that will capture their interest then definitely inform them about it and entice them to make that purchase by offering them a discount code or a price off voucher. Other shops even offer free shipping vouchers so customers will only need to pay for the product and taxes (if there’s any).

These are just two of the strategies that you can implement as more and more customers keep coming to your shop to purchase some of your products. It’s a fact that some of them will just purchase once but with the awesome offers like the ones we’ve already mentioned, even the most listless customer will have all the interest of ordering again and that will be a good thing for your shop.

2. Offer Loyal Customers a Way to Get Share of the Profit

By this we mean offering them a way to promote your business over in their own social media channels or even on a personal level to their friends and relatives so they can entice new people to go and make that purchase from your shop. And for every purchase, you can offer them a certain percentage which is going to be their compensation for the efforts they exerted in promoting your product or shop. This is where methods like affiliate marketing, ambassador programs, and many other loyalty rewards can come into play.

If you go for affiliate or ambassador program, you’ll be able to use some third-party apps from the Shopify App Store that can help in making such program a lot easier to manage. Some can even put your ambassador program on autopilot so you can assign promo codes, monitor commissions and even pay your partners on time every time.

In fact, those are the things that you need to look out for in an affiliate program so you can be sure that it can help you with managing your ambassadors and affiliate partners in an easier manner. Putting up a loyalty program makes customers think that you really care for them and you are serious with your business especially in the aspect of making it available to anyone who is in need of your product or services. Paying commissions also sets your business, product, or brand apart from others because it’s a form of profit-sharing which not many businesses actually adopt.

3. Keep Updates, New Versions, and New Models Coming

A product that is meant to be used for a long time will surely have a low repeat order frequency and that is a normal thing. Products like smartphones for instance really last a long time and it takes customers 2-3 years before purchasing a new one. The same is true with cars and other vehicles which take up to 10 years before being replaced.

That is the reason why these companies and manufacturers release updates, new models, and enhanced versions of their products every year so that customers who can afford can choose to go and purchase the updated versions. This is a strategy which big brands also use to ensure continuity of purchase and ongoing profit generation. Some food brands even do packaging design update and the “New Improved” trick.

In time, customers will start looking for something new about your brand or product and this is the trick that will come in handy to ensure that purchases keep coming. The momentum should always be there are these are some of the ways that you can employ in order to ensure that your Shopify store continues to survive through the years.

4. Do Some Customer Retargeting Strategies

This is another method that you can try as you start getting hundreds of customers on your orders list. These customers may have already enjoyed using your product and would take time before they order another one but one key of enticing them to purchase your other products is to by retargeting. This can be accomplished using ads on social media and as well as through email marketing. Sending them engaging emails about discounts and other perks will surely spark interest about visiting your shop again and making another purchase.

On social media, some of the most popular brands will keep doing ad campaigns that seek to retarget previous customers and entice them to make a purchase again. Retargeting your previous customers is a more feasible and a little but cheaper strategy than targeting new customers and enticing them to make a purchase. It will take more effort to convince new customers than convincing previous ones that is why most Shopify businesses would first try retargeting before doing any other marketing efforts. It takes less effort but produces more output. Consider doing this as well especially if your shop already has plenty of customers.


Keeping the momentum is a key business development strategy that has long been used even before the advent of online businesses and even before Shopify existed. It has been a strategy that offline businesses have been doing and still continues to work very well even in the digital age. And that is what you need to employ in your business and keep it as a handy tool in saving your shop whenever you see a downtrend in overall sales and profit.

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