Shopify Facts: How A Fast Loading Website Can Impact Your Business

Shopify Facts: How A Fast Loading Website Can Impact Your Business

Whether it’s a physical product that you are selling or you’re offering subscription or digital products to people on the Internet via your Shopify online store, the issue on page load times remains constant. It still is one of those factors that search engines like Google would really look into in order to rank your shop higher in search results. Optimizing your website for faster page loading speeds is something that you should not ignore especially if you really want to make your business grow and develop further.

Recent statistics have revealed that over 70 percent of customers would actually purchase from a shop that loads faster than others. And since most customers nowadays already do their shopping from a mobile device, optimizing your shop so that it loads faster on such devices is crucial. But aside from making your shop perform faster and convert better, there are some other benefits that a fast loading site can bring and we’re going to discuss them below so just read on to learn more.

The Positive Impacts of Faster Loading Webpages

Not everything that’s fast is actually good. For instance, a fast-moving car within the slow lane of a highway is a bad news especially if it keeps swerving. But to a website, the word “fast” has almost always been a good news especially when it’s coupled with the word “loading”. A fast-loading website is a good thing and if you’re not yet convinced that it is, here are 4 positive impacts that a fast-loading website can bring to your show:

1. You’ll Rank Better in Search Engines

Aside from truthful information and well-written product descriptions and copies, another determining factor of whether your website is going to rank at the top of search results or not is how fast its pages loads both on desktop and mobile devices. That is why it’s important that you make speed optimization a priority and never stop making your website work best every time. When your shop loads faster than your competitors, customers will come rushing towards it to make an order especially because it is one of the top search results that appeared on their device when they searched for a product that is related to those that you are selling.

2. Your Shop Will Enjoy Better Conversions

Prospective customers will surely find your website and if it loads slower than the others that they browse on for products that they are looking for then you’ll end up losing them. That is why it is important that you optimize your website for speed as it also increases conversion. First impression is lasting so be sure that your website not only runs and loads fast the first time customers browse in it but it should maintain that performance for as long as it exists.

Better conversions mean that website visitors turn into customers. Your shop’s content, presentation, product description, and its loading speed above all should be convincing enough to urge prospective customers and website visitors to really make that most coveted action – PURCHASE. Once you are able to improve your website’s page load speeds, its conversion rate will also increase and that’s something that you need to work hard in maintaining.

3. Your Business Will Have Less Downtime Incidence

Slow page loading speeds may be cause by several factors but one of them is a buggy code or script or conflict between apps. If these are not addressed as soon as possible, it can lead to more serious issues that can render your website offline. And when that downtime occurs for an extended period, it will translate to a significant loss in profit and even a painful loss of loyal customers. That is why it’s crucial that you ensure your codes and scripts are clean and are running well. You can also ensure that your website runs well by removing apps that are no longer used.

Maintaining a cleaner backend translates to faster loading times and better site performance so take time to get things fixed or hire an expert who knows the deeper side of it so your site gets cleaned from any bloat or useless codes which uninstalled apps may have left. It may entail cost but the result is surely rewarding.

4. You’ll Enjoy Bigger Sales and Overall Profit

When your website loads faster than your competitors, customers would tend to purchase from you instead from getting their needed product from others. And if you’re able to maintain this for an extended period of time, your profits will surely increase in an exponential manner. Just imagine customers from other competitors choosing to purchase from your shop because it works faster than others. And also think of the positive marketing that those customers would do for you because of the positive experience they enjoyed when they transacted with your business. There are plenty of creative ways to really boost sales and profit and optimizing your website’s load speeds is just one of them.


Websites that are optimized for speed have been topping the list of top-performing sites through the years so definitely invest in making your online shop and its webpages load faster. Our world has become less and less patient in recent years that is why people are really looking for online shop’s that will give them what they want without the hustle- and-bustle. Make a goal of decreasing the loading speed and see the benefits starting to flow in just a few days.

But of course, this will not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to really make a particular site work faster and it is even harder to achieve if you didn’t put it as one of your priorities when you were just starting to build your business. Other merchants even choose to start from square one just to ensure that their website would run better and faster than their top competitors.

Look for apps that will make the overall job a lot faster to finish but also don’t forget to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Business will remain as a business for as long as the industry deems it necessary but at the end of the day, it is how you feel about it that really matters. Are you suffering from a slow website? When did all start and what type of solutions did you try? We’ve just given some tips on how to overcome this common problem so make sure to browse through our article catalog to learn more!

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