Shopify Tips: 5 Creative Ways to Increase Sales

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Sales is the lifeline of your business. It is one of the top priorities that every business owner needs to secure in order to spark growth and development for his/her venture. To those who are into online shop and e-commerce, Shopify is the top platform to choose and it’s been the case for many years now. There’s just so much about this popular e-commerce platform that makes it a magnet both to the newbies and the old timer alike.

Shopify’s Likeable Attributes & Features

Who wouldn’t be in love with an e-commerce platform that is so simple, you can start selling in just a few hours assuming you already have a product that you want to sell and the product descriptions as well as payment accounts are already prepared. Shopify has captured the hearts of numerous merchants because of its intuitive design and very helpful customer support staff.

And because of its popularity, the abundance of apps that can expand and improve your shop’s performance is also there. From analytics apps and plugins to those that can help collect and create email lists, conduct email campaigns, start an Ambassador Affiliate Program and a lot of other tools that will help improve shop performance not just on the front-end but also in many other management aspects at the backend.

When these two aspects are optimized, your shop is on its sure way to growth, development, and overall success. Shopify is easy-to-use, very flexible, and an affordable choice that can kickstart your online venture in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Increasing Shopify Sales

So let’s say you already built your own Shopify store. You already uploaded some products to it and everything else is ready. You basically are on the runway and ready to take off to start getting some sales. Securing sales is actually hard especially without an effective marketing strategy but let’s say you also are prepared with some strategies that can help bring in sales. The next question is how do you ensure that a continuous stream of customers is flowing into your store to produce and even increase sales in a short period of time? Here are 5 tips that you can adopt to achieve this goal:

1. Improve Your Checkout Process

For a shop to grow, it needs to have a steady flow of customers doing orders and less that abandon checkout. Some customers will come to your shop and be enticed to make that purchase but without ensuring that the order and checkout process is perfectly laid out, card abandonment will plague your shop. Your goal is to create the most pleasant customer experience and that can only happen when your overall order and checkout process is simple and coherent.

Take away any page or process that creates a redundancy. For instance, if the customer already selected the product he wants; don’t add another page that will ask to confirm such order. You can ask customers to review their order before they place payment instead. Directing customer to numerous pages will only make them feel annoyed and that could lead to cart abandonment or order cancellation. You don’t want that to happen right so be sure to improve your checkout process. We assure you, it can truly be a great help in increasing overall sales.

2. Take Advantage of Discounts and Vouchers

While you strive to look for new customers and entice them to purchase using ads placed on Google and Social Media, the painful truth is you are actually losing. Creating campaigns in these platforms costs much that some Shopify businesses end up to failure. You can sure read about such stories in several forums out there that is why when it comes to marketing strategies, you will need to do your best to be as creative as possible.

If your shop already has several customers then you can definitely try offering Discounts and Vouchers to those old customers that have become dormant. This can easily be accomplished by doing some email campaigns. Offer them discounts because they deserve it. They’ve been loyal to your brand and it’s your time to say thank you by way of giving back. Some businesses even offer cashbacks to their loyal customers and that is something that really works efficiently in increasing overall sales.

3. Offer Bigger Savings for Product Bundle Purchases

A customer would think that he’s spending more when he’s purchasing products separately. So one way of creating a good deal that customers will surely fall for is by offering bigger savings when they purchase a product bundle. You can do this either by placing a new product variant that bundles two or more products and put a price on it that is smaller than the total amount if the customer purchases them separately. Don’t worry; you won’t be on the losing side when you do this because you can always add the difference on to the shipping fee.

When they purchase a bundle, the shipping fee will increase of course. Assuming you already have profit from the shipping fee, you can therefore leave the amount as ease to encourage customers in choosing the bundle rather than the separate products purchase. This will give you a steady amount of income and even grow your existing figures since it’s not only 1 product that becomes profitable.

4. Launch an Affiliate Program

Now, this isn’t just the ordinary affiliate program that we’re talking about here, it’s a modified and a better one called Ambassador Affiliate Program. If you are curious about it then we can explain things clearly for you if you click the link above. There are several types of social media and online marketing strategies especially when it comes to affiliate marketing but choosing one that can automate the monitoring, management, and payout processes would be a great help.

It is never easy to bring in more customers but with Ambassador Affiliate Marketing, you will be able to mobilize your loyal customer and transform them into agents of marketing and promotion. Just be sure to get them rewarded or compensated at the right time every time!

5. Don’t Just Settle for One Ace Product

You can have one product that sells really great and brings in much profit but think of the growth in overall sales that it can bring if you have two or more products that really sell! That surely is something that you’d want your shop to achieve right? Increasing sales actually means choosing more products and making sure that they all address certain needs of different target customers. When you’ve got more aces in your deck, you’ll have greater chances at achieving greater amount of sales and overall profit.

Perform market research and see whether your products have numerous competition. If there is then find other products that still belong to the same industry or interest but has less competition. Don’t just sell any product. Be more scientific and systematic in your selection process to ensure that every product you advertise actually brings in money!

Increasing Brand Awareness Increases Sales

Aside from the methods listed above, another way that you can increase sales which is actually the aim of all the other items above is spreading brand awareness. When there are several people who knows about your brand and most of them are actually purchasing it, you’ve got higher chances of securing more and more sales. Brand awareness is getting your brand’s message out to the world and making it known especially to your target customers.

Building and maintaining a profitable Shopify business actually entails much effort and time but with proper dedication and focus on the right strategies and systems of doing things, you will easily find things can simply fall into their proper places. Don’t get slack at certain things especially customer support. Remember, a satisfied customer becomes a loyal customer. And customer service plays a big role on that.

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