Shopify Tips: Business Ideas That Can Succeed With Shopify from 2022 Onwards

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Through the years, Shopify has been dominating the e-commerce space for many different reasons. It can’t be denied that the platform has made it to the top even without the features which its competitors are bragging about but it’s no surprise at all since simplicity rules them all as they say. But even with the many evidences of it being a business that can generate much profit, skeptics still want to believe otherwise. They want to discredit the e-commerce giant saying that it’s got much failure stories than successes but the truth is this; the failures don’t really point to any weakness within the platform, it’s more on merchant error and lack of knowledge in running an e-commerce business.

The success stories is a combination of the merchant’s hardwork and willingness to explore and learn further especially in marketing and product development and the continuous innovation that Shopify and its developers seek to implement on a regular basis. When the platform and its users work for a common goal, things tend to flow smoothly and swiftly. That’s the secret to Shopify’s unprecedented success and the good thing about it is that it’s never showing any signs of slowing down.

Shopify’s popularity and reputation as the best e-commerce platform is destined to continue which is why exploring the business ideas that it can possibly support remains a feasible endeavor. As an entrepreneur, you need to continually look for opportunities that can turn into the next big thing and if you want to focus on e-commerce, learning the business that can succeed with Shopify is one of the best directions that you can take. So let’s explore some business ideas in this article and learn how Shopify can help in turning it into big success stories.

1. Print-on-Demand Products

In a world where personalization and customization remains a popular concept, having a business that offers such would put you one step closer to greatness. In the recent years, print-on-demand businesses have started to sprout all over the web and most of them were actually hosted by Shopify. From unisex t-shirts to personalized hoodies, mugs, water bottles, and many more, print-on-demand really has almost every sellable product covered. And with the advent of clothing printers, the potential of putting almost any design into garments became an “in” thing as it diminishes the possibility of people wearing the same clothes which has been a dilemma of the previous mass-produced clothing era.

People love to express themselves through their clothes and other stuff and that’s why print-on-demand or what others call as POD remains as one of the most feasible business to run on the Shopify platform. Just make sure that you’ve got everything sorted out first especially on the product supply and the print-on-demand provider so that everything will flow as smoothly as it possibly can once you start the operations of your shop.

2. Health and Wellness Products

The pandemic has pushed everyone to a sedentary lifestyle. After many years of hustling like work horses, everyone suddenly halted and stayed home for more than 2 years! And within those years were the toxins and fats that got deposited which made weighing scales turn awry! For the ordinary person, this is just a normal cause-and-effect scenario but to a business-minded geek, it’s a big opportunity for selling products that are related to health and wellness. Everything from fitness trackers to exercise equipment and accessories, these products are sure to sell starting this year onwards as people try to shed off all those toxins and fats that have accumulated during the pandemic.

So start looking for yoga mats, arm flexors, sports socks, workout garments, and anything that belongs to the wellness category and do market research on which one would really sell. Some shops have found success selling water bottles but if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you can combine business idea number 1 above and this business idea number 2 and launch products that can be customized using print-on-demand services. That is something that is already being done by some but the space is still wide and the market is still enormous. It’s never too late to carve your own space and take your rightful chunk from this highly-profitable market so get started with it today before it is too late!

3. Beauty Products and Women’s Accessories

It is a well-known fact that women love spending on stuff that will make them look prettier. Things that will make them feel healthier and stuff that can boost their self-confidence. That is why beauty products and implements remain as one of the top business ideas that can prosper using the Shopify platform. Anything from physical accessories like earrings, bracelets, fancy necklaces, anklets, nose rings, and many others have proven to be very sellable through the years and some even went an extra mile by selling accessories with a touch of healing stones and other materials that are said to bring luck.

And if you want to really complete the offering then you can also sell some beauty products in your shop our so your customers won’t go to other places just to buy such essentials. You need to be careful with this though and make sure that your products pass any health and safety tests so that your customers will always be on the safe side. Order test products and ask for quality and health test certificates and safety marks from suppliers. That’s how you can ensure that you’re selling products which truly help enhancing beauty and not ones that will destroy it.

4. Camping and Other Outdoor Equipment

People have been staying at home in the past couple years and it is but normal that as the world gets back to the normal work arrangement and countries are starting to open borders, people would also start travelling and others would revisit their vacation plans and finally be outdoors once again. That is why camping equipment along with other products that people use outdoors and during vacation will once again become a big market! Stuff like paracords, multitools, fire starters, binoculars, fisherman’s hats, hammocks, and many others are just some of the products that you can look into and once again, you can make it even more attractive by combining the print-on-demand aspect into it so people will be enticed to make that purchase.

Laser-engraving is one of those methods that you can explore and it really applies especially for multitools and other metal or hard-plastic products. Remember that your shop can sell a lot of these items and it is possible to categorize them as well so start looking for the best products to sell and make sure that your suppliers are the real deal and the most trustworthy ones to avoid any problem with supply and delivery.

5. Car and Bike Accessories

As people start going back to their outdoor lifestyle, they will also start using their cars and bikes more and more. And with this, they’ll need some accessories that will make the overall experience of driving in it a lot better. For instance, people are going to bring with them their smartphones and instead of leaving it loose on the dashboard or anywhere else, having a smartphone holder that can be mounted anywhere within the car is a good and as a business person, you will see this as an opportunity to start selling smartphone holders. There is several of its kind and you can sell as much models as possible which is going to be a good start for your online shop. Car accessories will always be sellable especially if you think of the millions of cars that are on the streets in different countries around the world.

In the United States alone, there is an estimated 287 million registered cars in 2020 and by now, it should have already grown bigger. Just imagine selling a product that quickly turned viral and with proper marketing and audience targeting, has reached even just a third of these car owners in the US. Now that would mean big bucks for you right? The opportunity is endless and you can even add a new line for bike accessories. People missed going out and having those road trips so take that as a sign to start selling vehicle accessories.

A Sellable Product is the Key

Growing your Shopify business always starts small but when you pick the right products, it could quickly turn enormous. One day you’re having just 2 to 3- digit daily incomes then suddenly, you’ll get 4 to 5- digits in a matter of days. That’s the power of choosing and selling the right product. It seems to hold the key to the door of the floodgate of income and profit and once you have it, taking your business to the next level would surely be shortened. Now the challenge after that is how you can maintain that momentum and overall trend but we will leave that as the topic of discussion in our next article.

For now, you can savor the ideas we have shared above and think of any other business ideas that are either related to the ones listed above or an extension of them. Creativity and innovation is key to overall success and continued growth so start thinking of something new from what already exists and who knows, it’s going to be the next multi-million industry. Nothing is impossible to those who explore and experiment so go ahead and be that pioneer. It will not be easy but we assure you, the victory is going to taste sweet!

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