Shopify Tips: Crucial Details to Include in Your Product Descriptions

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In one of our previous articles, we have discussed on the best practices in product description writing and as well as included some examples that illustrate what each one looks like. There are several approaches that one can use in writing product descriptions for any type of product that they want to sell in their Shopify store. There’s one type that works very well for food items for instance while the other approach would make shoes or t-shirts more sellable.

But if you’re more comfortable at the bullet point format of writing product descriptions and you’re selling products that customers wear or use for some technical purpose, you will need to make sure that every crucial detail is included in it so customers will not be misled into choosing something that doesn’t fit them or a gadget or tool that won’t serve any of their intended purpose.

So in this article, we will be exploring some of the crucial details that you need to include in your product descriptions to ensure that you’re guiding your customers towards making the right choice of variant, size, or flavor of your product, the right one that will not cause any discomfort, allergic reaction, and other hazards on the part of your customers. These things can make or break your business’s reputation and overall credibility so let’s get started.

1. Accurate Size Standards

If you’re selling garments, shoes, or any other products that are worn by people and your target customers are coming from different countries that are using varied size standards, you’ll need to make sure that your product sizing is accurate and place a size chart in your product page that show the equivalent US Size, EU Size, Japan Size, etc. if it’s a show, or the kids size if you’re selling some kids garments.

This will ensure that customers are able to order the right size variant and avoid any return and refund requests along with chargebacks which are common customer reactions when they receive the wrong products size. Be accurate and ensure that suppliers are informed about your target market so they can also ship the right items to your customers. Communication and coordination with suppliers and/or manufacturers is very important especially if you are into the dropshipping business using Shopify.

2. Indicate Any Allergens Used

There are several food items that can cause allergic reactions to customers. If you are into selling food items then definitely indicate whether your product contains common foods that can cause allergic reactions to customers. Ingredients like peanut, wheat, milk, seafoods, crustaceans, egg, and many others are known to cause allergies to some people so if your product contains such, you’ll need to include it in your product description.

The last thing you’d want to happen is having your product made as a headline in different news outlets because of causing allergic reactions to several customers around your country or in different areas around the world. This is a big disaster but it can be avoided by being accurate and indicating the presence of any allergens in the product description on your online shop.

3. Specific Requirements

Electronic products and high-tech gadgets are not the same. Some operate in a different voltage while others require certain ampere rating for charging. If you are selling electronic gadgets and other products that require specific voltage ratings, amperes, operating temperature, and others then definitely place such details in your product section. If the portable flat iron that you’re selling only works in a 110 volt socket, clearly state that in your product description to avoid over-voltage damage which can happen if customers travel to a country where sockets operate in 220 volts.

4. Specific Instructions

There are products that need to be used or set up in a specific way and failure to follow the instructions can cause damage to it. These details are commonly written in the user’s manual but let’s face it, not everyone reads through that boring piece of paper that mostly falls off of the box whenever we try to take a product out. If your product only folds like a clam shell but it looks similar to those 360 degrees flip style screen products of the same brand then definitely make it clear in your product description that it’s a non-360 degree folding model!

Customers sometimes get too excited especially if they are under the impression that they got their dream product at a very cheap price and simply operate it the way the expensive model works then bang! That’s it! It’s broken! As a responsible seller, be sure to include any specific instructions in your product description and be very clear with it to avoid any future disaster.

5. Materials Used

Some products can be made of different materials but look identical with each other especially when viewed on a smartphone or a computer screen. When customers are shopping, they mostly use their eyes and others don’t even care to read through what your product is made of. They might be looking for a pair of leather shoes but choose one that is made of synthetic rubber that is designed to mimic the color of a shoe that is made of genuine leather.

That’s not impossible especially with our modern manufacturing methods and techniques so better be clear in your product description and indicate what material was used in creating your product to avoid any confusion. You will see how this can pay off especially if you’re targeting customers that are on the older side of the age bracket.

It Pays To Be Honest and Accurate!

Selling online puts you on the risk of shipping the wrong item all the time so it’s better to always be on the safe side by being honest and accurate with every crucial detail about your product. Customers are always right as they say and if that’s the case then you need to make sure that you’re giving them the right information so as to avoid any trouble and loss from refunds, returns, and chargebacks caused by them choosing the wrong products because you failed to indicate crucial points that would have helped them make the right choice.

Any failure in this aspect would all point back to you so better be meticulous and review your product descriptions or if possible, add a “Technical Specifications” tab to it so customers can make the right choice every single time. This aspect can make or break your business so be sure that you’re working on it before taking the next step of moving to the higher level of advertising and promotion. It’s not just about selling the right products; it’s about being accurate when telling customers about it and shipping the right products every time!

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