Shopify Tips: Marketing Your Shop Towards Success

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What’s your top goal for your online shop? No matter what venture it is that we indulge in, we always want to attain success. We want only the best and even invest time and resources to reach that one goal. Considering the tight competition out there due to the hundreds if not thousands of online shops that runs under the Shopify platform selling products that have the same functionality as yours or overlaps with the industry which your shop is aiming to serve, how do you ensure that you still have a clear shot at success?

Grow Your Shop Using Online Marketing

One of the most effective strategies that companies and businesses do in order to achieve growth and eventually reach success is online marketing. You might think that this involves placing ads in social media or paying for ad spaces in websites but the truth is, there are several methods of marketing that you can employ in order to let the world know about your product or business.

Online marketing has been evolved so much through the years since the very first ads have been posted over the Internet. It now covers not just those ads that you see on websites, blogs, and forums that you visit to learn some DIY tips, marketing is now done even in video streaming sites and social media which works better especially if you want to target a specific group or a particular audience.

But what exactly are these marketing strategies and how can you take advantage of each one in growing your shop? We’re going to talk about every available methods out there for you to see which one perfectly matches your business model and the type of image that you want to create for your online shop so just read on to learn the details.

Online Marketing Strategies That You Can Try

You may already know that SEO or Search Engine Optimization works and it has worked well for taking websites to the top of the search results but that doesn’t worked as effectively for online shops. That is why you need to try some other strategies to get the word about your shop out into the worldwide web in an effort to reach prospective customers who can hopefully turn into loyal ones and eventually, through the help of customer retention strategies, transform into business partners along the way.

Below are the new methodologies in online marketing that successful Shopify stores do in an effort to spread product and brand awareness and bring in more and more customers towards their business.

1. Engage in Content Marketing

There are several ways to market your product through content. There’s the method that uses high-quality photos and videos that demonstrate how the product works or showcase the beautiful results that can be achieved by using it. Others prefer marketing through high quality written content published into popular websites and blogs covering the same industry or those that are posting product reveals and reviews in exchange of commissions or sponsorship.

What’s nice about this marketing strategy is that there are several online channels where you can get your generated content posted. You can commission or pay blog or website owners to review your product or write something about it or you can partner with video content creators and vloggers to make a video about it in exchange of purchase commissions. The possibilities are endless and you only need to be creative in order to find the best possible methods or combination of strategies that truly work in bringing in more leads to your Shopify store.

2. Start an Ambassador Program

This may not be very effective especially if you’re just starting with your online shop but if you’ve already made a good break and have hundreds or more than a thousand customers then you can start transforming your customers into brand ambassadors. There are several apps out there that can help you with this but we found ConverOut to be one of the best one that combines ease-of-use and automation in a perfect blend so you can focus on what matters most.

Turning loyal customers to ambassadors can help boost your marketing efforts and bring it to new heights especially when you consider the number of people who patronized your product and are willing to promote it in their own websites, vlogs, or other online channels where they got a good number of followers. Since you are rewarding them with commission for every purchase, they’ll be more encouraged to promote your product in every way that’s possible for them

Successful ambassador programs capitalize on authentic endorsements from people who truly know your brand making it a more effective tool in bringing in high-quality leads that can turn into loyal customers and eventually become ambassadors in the long run.

3. Try FB Ads

You can turn to this method if you’ve got enough budget and you’re seeing a good amount of growth in your shop already. FB ads are great for retargeting and that means you should not engage with it if you’re just starting your Shopify store. However, as your shop grows and earns more profit enough to at least run a campaign in the FB platform, investing on it is definitely a good idea. Just make sure that you know what you’re doing or hire a virtual assistant who specializes in FB ads to ensure you’re spending money into the right target and not just flushing everything into the abyss of wrong audiences while making FB and Meta rich!

If you’re just starting with your online shop then keep things simple. Take advantage of the product descriptions that are available in your supplier’s website, edit it to correct those grammatical errors and post your first products. Take advantage of some low-cost advertising then as your shop grows; it’s the perfect time to spend some of those profits for FB ads.

4. Build an Email List

Make sure that as your customer-base grows, you are also collecting some contact information from your customers most importantly their email addresses. All people who engage in online transactions and purchase from online shops place their emails in order to be contacted by businesses for any updates to their order and that can easily turn into a very effective marketing strategy for your product. Notice how Netflix continually pings you with an email about any updates or new shows that they make available in their streaming platform? That is one perfect example of email marketing.

Studies reveal that a person needs to view a product 6 to 7 times before making a purchase decision. That means that having a lot of website visitors does not necessarily mean more purchases. Not all visitors make a purchase so it would take plenty of effort in engaging with those customers for them to make that precious decision. This is where a good email list and engaging in email marketing comes in.

Email marketing builds trust and credibility so your target customers know who you really and even if they don’t make a purchase the first time they visit your Shopify store, they will eventually do especially if you’re consistently engaging with them all year round.

5. Engage in Educational Content

Another method that you can try especially in our modern time where content and information matters is engaging in educational content. This involves those videos and blog posts that add value to your website or teach your prospective customers on different aspects that are related to your product or brand. This strategy takes a lot of patience though so you need to be ready to create those contents that will answer certain questions and cover topics that your customers will really be interested in.

Educational content is also a great way in securing organic traffic to your Shopify store so definitely invest time and hire skilled writers or video creators to produce some quality content for you and you’ll see how this can turn into a long term investment that can bring in high-quality leads in the long run.

6. Take Advantage of Paid Traffic and Landing Pages

Paid traffic and landing pages go hand in hand in bringing in useful traffic to a product or a set of products that you are trying to promote. This is a great strategy if you already have that budget as it effectively handles any doubt or objection from customers and can even be used to answer their crucial questions about your product or brand.

Just take note that the main goal of your landing page should be to entice website visitors to finally get to the checkout page and do that purchase. That is why it is important to reinforce the idea and really make them realize that they really need your product then add additional convincing information right towards the bottom of the landing page.

7. Be Where Your Customers Are

If you choose to go the content marketing way, you’ll need to zero in on the channel where most of your target customers are frequenting. If you can’t do writing then definitely invest in a camera and get started with your very own YouTube Channel or start posting content in TikTok. There are several ways in how you can start a following and build a good number of audiences but be sure to invest time on something that you and your target customers would love.

Being consistent is another key component of this marketing strategy. Every channel that you engage yourself in needs a constant stream of content flowing to it so you can effectively engage with your target audience and keep them interested with your product or brand so definitely choose something that you can commit to, something that you are so passionate about.

Marketing: The Most Important Ingredient for Startups

For your Shopify store to get its very first purchase, you’ll need to invest time and resource into different marketing strategies that works. We’ve given you the top 7 methods that are proven to work especially for startups but the real secret ingredients to any single one we’ve listed above is consistency and dedication.

Building an online shop and taking it from zero to 6-digits income isn’t as easy as 1-2-3! It takes a lot of work and ensuring things are done based on your set timeline. Study your product and identify the best ways in how you can promote and market it to your desired audience.

There sure are several other ways that you can try or you may even combine different strategies and be more creative and innovative as you go but if you won’t get started today, nothing will happen!

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