Shopify Tips: The Top 3 Best Customer Management Apps of All Time

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Third-party apps have been around for almost 13 years now and they’ve been a great help to several successful Shopify businesses. No matter what purpose it is that you have in mind, you will find a particular app for it from the Shopify App Store. Things have never been the same both for Shopify and the merchants that chose to use it since that historic day in June 2, 2009 when their API was launched and the Shopify App Store was opened.

But in this day and age where online businesses are serving not just local customers but also global ones, you’ll need not just apps that are designed to make customer acquisition and retention easier but also the ones that are made to assist in customer management. This includes the aspect of customer service and every other management stuff that has to do with customers. That is why in this article, we are going to discuss the top customer management apps out there and see what it has to offer so you can make an educated choice when trying to pick the one which you can use to take your Shopify Store and make it grow to the next level of success.

Customer Management: A Crucial Ingredient for Business Success

Every business, no matter where it operates (online or offline) really seek to achieve success. It’s the pinnacle of business growth and development and therefore, something to dream and work for. But success can never be achieved by ignoring proper customer management which includes customer service and offering assistance even after orders are placed or received. A business’s responsibility should never stop at the time the order or product is received and taken home by customers.

A responsible one would continue to serve customers and be there even after the end of every a customer’s lifecycle. That’s one of the secrets of a business that has a host of loyal customers and hundreds if not thousands of new ones coming in by the day. But doing so manually within the Shopify platform is going to be a tedious task. But with the right apps, these things are going to happen like a breeze. So in the next section, we’re going to give you the top customer management apps out there so keep reading to learn more.

The Top Customer Management Apps for Shopify

As we have already discussed, customer management (primarily customer service/support) has been and will always play an important role in business growth and overall development and in order to achieve such, here are the 5 best apps for you to choose from that are all designed to making customer management easier for both you and your employees.

1. Gorgias

If there’s any app out there that you might have heard about especially when it comes to customer management and customer support then it would be Gorgias for sure. It isn’t the first one to ever be created for this purpose but it sure is one of the top-performing apps that have always secured a spot in different top customer management apps list published by different sources all over the Internet. In short, Gorgias really lives up to their promise of being a tool for effectively managing customer records and even providing the best customer support.

Gorgias may not be the first to arrive on the scene but it’s one of the best and that’s the reason why we listed it as number one on this list. Here are some of the awesome things that Gorgias promise to deliver and so far, the reviews and comments from its users say it all. Here are the features that make Gorgias a top-performing app under the customer management category.

- Centralized Support Tickets – With Gorgias, all your customer’s data are going to be displayed in one central place. This is perfect especially when you’re communicating with customers. Having all the needed information in one place readily displayed to you or your customer support employees will definitely save time. Editing orders, modifying subscriptions, and even making refunds are also possible from one single place so you won’t need to be leaving the helpdesk just to perform particular tasks.

- Faster Response and Issue Resolution – Gorgias allows saving of templates in the form of macros which your customer support employees can use whenever they report for work. It is important that templates are made available to all customer support agents so that all responses are uniform and avoid confusion among customers.

There’s a lot more features that Gorgiashas but we’ll leave it to you to explore. You can find out more about the things that Gorgias offers by heading to the “Product tour” section of their website. You may also sign up for their free trial version to see how well it works in managing your customers and taking your customer support strategy to the next level.

2. Zendesk

Another top-performing app under the customer management category is Zendesk and it’s been around longer than Gorgias. It is Zendesk that revolutionized gmail customer support and helpdesk making the task of dealing with customers a lot like breeze. At present, it remains as the top customer management app for different e-commerce platforms across many different industries. But customer management isn’t just the focus of Zendesk, they also have many other software that are designed to get your business in sync.

Offering customers the best customer support is one of Zendesk’s goal and they accomplish that by giving your agents a seamless way to connect and sync through email and live chat methods. The Zendesk Suite makes this possible offering a sophisticated support that flows smoothly no matter which channel it is that your customers choose. Here are some other things that make Zendesk a perfect choice:

- Powerful Customer Acquisition Solution – Zendesk offers a great set of customer acquisition strategies and solutions that are designed to assist your team in building customer relationships that win prospective customers without the complexity found in the traditional CRM tools.

- Customization of Customer Experience – With Zendesk, it is also possible to customize the whole customer experience using different integrations that help agents become more productive and keep your business stay connected. It is also flexible and open so you can easily adapt to any challenge that might come along the way.

Several known brands are using Zendesk for customer management and customer support making it a reputable choice especially if you’re looking for one that will work at its best and for your business’s best interest. What’s great is that Zendesk has a free trial so you can test how well it works before you finally sign up for its paid version.

3. Freshdesk

Lastly, we come to the third best customer management app called Freshdesk. Just like the top 2 customer management apps we’ve listed above, Freshdesk  capitalizes on meaningful conversations and seamless interactions with customers by providing interconnected communication avenues across many different channels. It even calls itself as an “Omnichannel Suite” which means that it’s aimed at making customer communication and interaction flow smoothly no matter which channel it is that your customers are coming from.

With Freshdesk, managing your customers and establishing a meaningful interaction with them becomes an effortless task both for you and your customer support agents. It is true that customer management is one of those tasks that really takes time but with Freshdesk’s better organized platform and the seamless syncing of customer data and communication across different channels, all the tasks involved will surely become a breeze. Here are the other features that Freshdesk has:

- Connect on Channels That Your Customers Prefer – Freshdesk is a very effective tool for making that great first impression among your customers especially on the customer service side. With it, the task of transitioning from one communication channel to the other becomes a smooth process. It can help with integrating a perfect blend of conversational experiences through email, live chat, mobile, and even phone support every time.

- Fast Issue Resolution – Using AI-powered chatbots, guiding your customers to the right resolutions department and the exact solution steps becomes easy. Speed and accuracy is crucial in issue resolution and in fact, it is what customers always look for that is why your business needs to provide exactly that and with Freshdesk, these things wouldn’t be an issue at all!

A lot of reputable brands also use Freshdesk and when it comes to efficiency, this customer management suite surely tops the list so make it one of your top choices. But of course, taking some time to test it and compare with the top 2 that we’ve listed above would be the best way to really see how well it works for the kind of business that you have. You can opt to take advantage of its free trial offer so you can compare and see if Freshdesk really is the tool that your business needs.


Customer management especially the aspect of customer support really plays a crucial role in business growth and overall development. Customers are a business’s lifeline and it is therefore important that you take care of them by making sure that all their needs are provided and all their queries are answered promptly. Delays make things worse especially for the urgent issues and in fact, it’s been one of the top reasons why Shopify businesses fail so be sure to build a strong customer service team that will manage customer issues in an efficient manner.

A customer management suite like the ones we’ve listed above is going to be your best tool in making the task a lot easier for your agents. Not only will it improve issue resolution but will also make your trust rating skyrocket in a short period of time. They sure cost money to use but the investment is going to be worth it. Start exploring the possibility of using this apps today and if you really want success for your business.

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