Shopify Tips: Where To Find Perfect Themes for Your Shop

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One of the most important aspects of a successful shop is its theme. The aesthetic value of a shop plays an important role in attracting new customers and a well laid out one will even encourage conversions and orders. While it is true that the default Shopify theme already works and accomplishes the job just fine, being able to do whatever you choose and having control on certain aspects will be great.

That is why finding a great theme that you can use for the type of business that you have. From the color of the theme itself down to the layout of the product page and as well as the homepage, there are plenty of considerations to put on the table when choosing to install a theme. Of course, the price of the theme is also one of them especially when you’re just starting and you still have limited budget.

But where can you find themes for your Shopify store? Here are the top free theme sources for Shopify in case you’re still in the process of looking for one that will not cost any amount of money to acquire.

Top 10 Free Shopify Theme Sources

To find a selection of themes that are offered for free by different developers and web designers, you will need to know the websites and sources where such themes can be found. Here are the top free theme sources which you can visit as you try to look for the perfect theme to use for your shop.

1. Shopify Themes (Best Free Source)

If you’re looking for the perfect source of themes that will work seamlessly for Shopify then there’s no other source more perfect than Shopify Themes itself. Just visiting this site will reveal several themes that are designed for many different purposes. Most of them are offered for free and others will have a paid option in case you want to expand its capabilities and open more pages for customers to visit and enjoy.

2. Theme Forest (Best Variety of Choices)

If you’re looking for some premium paid themes that are made by third-party designers, you can get such from the Themeforest. What’s great about this theme store is that you will find a great variety of themes that are categorized very well so you will find the perfect one that you can use on your Shopify store. From categories like “Fashion”, “Shopping”, “Health & Beauty”, “Miscellaneous”, “Technology”, and “Entertainment”, you will find hundreds of themes and much of them for you to choose from.

If you need more than just themes then there are also codes, videos, audio, graphics, photos, and 3D filesthat you can find from Themeforest. This is simply a great source of almost any aesthetic design and other visual components that you might need for your Shopify Store. Take note that most of these items have a price tag attached so you might want to consider free sources in case you’re just starting with your online business.

3. Template Monster (Best Premium Themes)

Let’s say you already have the budget and you’re looking for a theme that can supercharge your online shop. For this, you’ll need some of the best premium themes that are designed to make your store look and perform at its best. For this, you will need to visit Template Monster. Just like Themeforest, Template Monster contains hundreds if not thousands of themes not just for Shopify but also for WordPress and many other content management platforms. It’s a fertile source of almost anything that you might need aesthetically for your online shop.

Under the Shopify Themes category, you will find even more categories like “Jewelry”, “Pets”, “Food”, “Furniture”, “Electronics”, “Toys”, “Fashion”, “Real Estate”, “Travel”, “Cars”, “Medical”, and “Cosmetics”. Simply put it this way, Template Monster really has almost everything that you need for whatever kind of industry your shop is aimed at. It is where you will find the best of the best but this is subjective of course. Talking about the best will be depending on the use, purpose, and overall design and feature that you’re looking for in a theme and not all premium ones will have such. Sometimes, even the simplest themes will have everything that you can ever ask for.

4. Creative Market (Best for Creativity and Uniqueness)

If your shop is one that’s focused on uniqueness and the arts then you’ll find some matching themes from Creative Market. There’s not much themes that you can find in here but the beauty and creative aspect of the ones you’ll find here will surely blow your mind. Their themes are mostly leaning towards the feminine side especially in its color shades, layout, and overall looks but it isn’t hard to find ones that are designed for men. You’ll need to be ready with your budget though because most of the themes here also come with a price tag.

But it’s not just themes that you can find in Creative Market but also “Graphics”, “Fonts”, “Templates”, “Add-ons”, “Photos”, “Web Themes”, “3D”, etc. There is simply a host of other aesthetic stuff that you can find from this vendor which you can take advantage in order to embellish your website and make it work as you want it to.

5. Out of the Sandbox (Best Modern Designs)

Lastly, we come to the themes that you would probably use if you want to make your shop a bit modern and minimalistic. Outofthesandbox.com features some Shopify themes that are designed to make a shop work exactly as you want it to. If it’s selling healthy products then you can do so along with other design elements that are aimed at selling such types of products. If you want to peddle women’s dresses then you will also find a theme that will showcase the beauty of every product that you load to your shop in an effective manner.

What’s great about the themes from this site is that it comes along with theme support so when you run into any problem, you can be sure that you have someone to help you solve it.

Themes Improve Your Shop’s Performance

Themes not only improve your shop’s looks but also take its performance to the next level. From colors and layout down to extra features like customized checkout process, Buy Now buttons and many other awesome stuff, themes will surely improve your shop’s overall performance from almost every aspect. Be sure that your product descriptions and other website write ups are properly done though so you can ensure that customers are getting the right information, the ones that will convince them to make the purchase from your shop.

But of course, you will need to make sure that you’re doing some other strategies like marketing and advertising in order to really take growth and development to the next step. Start with marketing if you’re still trying to acquire new customers then head towards customer retention as the list of customers and orders grow. Creating a successful online business is an effort of collective strategies and choosing the perfect theme is one of them.

Pick one that fits your business goals and the industry you’re planning to focus on and if some things change, you can also adjust and pick a new theme. That may be harmful for your brand identity but if doing so would bring more benefits than negative consequences then don’t hesitate to make such step. It’s the business’s growth that’s at stake and that’s going to be worth every sacrifice right? Taking that step will be worth it so there’s no need to worry!

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