Shopify Tips: Why Your Business Needs a Customer Management Suite

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No matter what kind of business it is that you have, customer management is going to be one of the top aspects that you need to focus on. This is true especially for online businesses that serve customers around the world. A business that serves several countries will easily build a large customer base and since issues normally occur in almost every step of the customer journey, managing such will be a tedious task.

That is why you need the help of customer management suites and thankfully, there are several apps out there that are designed to make the task of customer management and offering customer service a lot easier for every business that operates online. But using such suites really entail money and if that is the reason why you’re hesitant about moving into these automated tools and assistive software then you’ll need to learn the advantages that it can offer for your business.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the different reasons why you need to use a customer management suite for your business and see whether the price really justifies not using it when compared to the great things and the potential growth that it can fuel up for your business so just read on to learn more about the details.

The Top-Performing Customer Management Suites

Gone are the days when apps only focused on customer service and providing support for common customer issues. As different products and a variety of businesses made its way to the online space, the need for software and suites that provide more customer management tools and offer smooth syncing across different channels of interaction became even more obvious.

There’s just too much jumping between different windows and tabs just to get a particular job done. For instance, responding to a single customer email takes minutes due to the switching back and forth across a variety of tools used all throughout the process. Manually responding to customer emails simply wasn’t productive that is why the likes of Gorgias, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and many other customer management suites have come into existence.

There’s a host of options out there when it comes to customer management suites and we’ve given the top 3 ones in our previous article. As was already mentioned above, the cost of using such assistive suites simply won’t compare to the benefits that it can contribute as you try to take your business to the next level of success and if you’re wondering what those benefits are, we’ve listed them down in this article for your reference.

The Benefits of Using Customer Management Suites

Customer management suites have come to existence because a need had to be served. Managing customers and answering as well as solving their issues has been a tedious task back in the days of manual customer support which was mostly done via email. But thankfully, with the advent of tools and suites like the ones we’ve mentioned above, things have become easier and stores became more productive. Here are some of the advantages that these tools can offer to every business out there and that includes the business that you might currently have so just read on to learn what they are.

1. A Better Organized Customer Management

By better organized we mean having everything in a place where it can easily be accessed instead of keeping all the records in a separate place then having to access them whenever needed. With customer management suites, it is possible to look for customer order records simply by using their order number or even their surname. With the integrated search tool found in such suites, typing in a number or surname will surely pull up something making the task of responding to particular customer queries a lot easier.

Organizing things the way these suites do isn’t possible if you’re just using manual email support. That is why using such customer management suites really is worth the investment as it will not only make your agents more productive but also allows in better organizing and keeping of the most important records and even labeling urgent orders as priorities so they can be responded to first every single time.

2. Faster Issue Response and Resolution

With the possibility of having templates and macros readily saved within these customer management suites for every agent to use when needed. Manually typing in a response for each customer really takes time especially if you have a relatively large store and a big customer base. That is why using customer management suites will be a wise move as it will make response and resolution a lot faster than the manual email response method.

Since customer data is organized and doing a search using the built-in search tool is possible, pulling up order information is also made a lot easier. When agents are able to check and access customer records, providing resolution to every type of issue becomes easier to accomplish. With these suites, even issuing refunds and doing other things that will involve the financial side of the business is going to be addressed in one place. This effectively cuts down the processing time and thereby solves any problem in the shortest possible time.

3. A Centralized Database for Customer Date

From customer names, addresses, order tracking numbers, shipping information, and many other data that pertains to your business partners – your customers. When such information are made accessible in one single place, looking for them becomes easy and therefore, confusion is minimized especially if youj have multiple customer support agents who are taking shifts in answering queries and solving issues which customers are continually sending to your support team.

A centralized database also ensure that your agents are on the same page as they take turns in responding to one and the same tickets. Tracking of the overall progress of the issue resolution is also made easier and once an issue is solved, your agents can simply label or tag them as solved or closed. When things are centralized, tracking the status of every customer query becomes an easy task resulting in a maximum number of queries solved and answered in every single day.

4. Easy Syncing of Customer Interactions Between Channels

When you use customer management suites, it’s not just email support that you will be able to provide but also live chat and many other channels. You can even integrate FB messenger to it so you can manage all these channels where your customers are reaching you in one place. A centralized management suite for all your customer support channels will offer an easier way for your support agents to jump from one channel to the other in one place so that the responses that are going to be sent will be agreeing with each other.

Another important thing to note is that the these information are synced in real-time so every agent is going to see what the previous one has done to a particular customer concern and thereby continue with the course of action so as to avoid any confusion or any other issue that could cost your business’s reputation.


There you have it! The top four benefits that one can enjoy when using customer management suites that have undoubtedly rose into popularity in the recent years. With the rising number customers taking their shopping habits to the online space due to the uncertainty of health and overall safety brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, it really is a need that you also ramp up your customer management and overall support strategies to the next level.

This is where you can take advantage of the tools and other integrated features that customer management suites offer. If choosing the best one bothers you then take some time to get each one to the test. Most would have a free trial offer so you can zero in on the one that really fits your business.

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