Shopify Tips: Why Your Shop Needs a Theme Update or Change

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There are several customization techniques and methods that you can do to your Shopify store and they can be geared towards accomplishing different goals. For instance, you can choose to add features to your shop like an email list pop-up message, sign up notification prompts, and many other visual and performance enhancements using third-party apps. The possibilities of customizing your shop are simply endless and it is something that a business owner needs to perform if the shop is to grow and evolve.

But of all the changes that you can choose to implement, it is probably a change in your shop’s theme that would bring a significant improvement in both looks and performance. With the many themes out there that are designed for different types of businesses, making some improvements in your shop becomes a lot like a breeze with a theme change. And if you’re not convinced yet why you need to update your shop’s theme, we’re going to give you 5 reasons on why updating or changing your shop’s theme is good so just read on to learn more about this crucial step that you need to perform on your shop.

Why Change Your Shop’s Theme? How Can It Help?

Changing your shop’s theme is going to be a unique experience depending on what platform you are using. For platforms other than Shopify, the process of changing the theme can be a little bit complicate especially when you compare it to the quick theme download and installation step that is available in Shopify. But no matter what e-commerce platform you’re using and how hard (or easy) the process of changing the theme is, the purpose of doing so remains the same across all of them. Here are the top 4 reasons why you need to consider changing your shop’s theme as soon as possible.

1. You Need a Quick Way to Change Your Shop’s Overall Looks

Whether you are just starting to create your shop or you are on your way towards making it a more improved and upgraded one, changing your theme will be your quickest way to do it. A change in theme will allow you to make drastic changes in both looks and overall layout so that your online shop would match the kind of product that you want to sell or the industry to which your business belongs.

You can’t sell women’s makeup to a global customer base without even making your shop look presentable and appealing to the eyes of women from around the world. Choosing to update your theme might do some changes to your website’s layout and overall controls may sound like a challenging job but the benefits that it can potentially bring is much more important than any other expense, struggle, or challenge that you might see along the way.

2. You Need to Enhance Your Shop’s Performance

Changing your shop’s looks will greatly affect its performance. And this is true especially for businesses that have long been selling products but still struggle in making good income and overall profit. It is possible that your shop needs some updating because it looks boring or the checkout process is just too long that customers end up abandoning their carts.

But it’s not just boring looks or lengthy processes that make your shop fail in terms of performance. Sometimes, such problems may also be caused by bugs which can be corrected when you change your shop’s theme or update it to the latest version. You can choose to do this if you don’t know how to debug your current theme or website and if you don’t have budget to hire someone to do the debugging for you.

3. You Need to Make Your Website Looks Legit

Your online shop’s looks should perfectly match the product that you are selling and the industry to which those products belong to. If you are selling tools then make sure to choose a theme that incorporates design elements that depict industrial value and masculine sense. You need to do this in order to boost your shop’s legitimacy. No matter how many icons you show about your shop’s verified payment channels or the industry recognition which your business has been awarded with if your theme does not even match with your product and overall business personality, you will still end up not looking legit.

This would then hurt your business badly especially if you’re operating on a global scale. That is why it is important that you choose a theme that matches your business personality and industry. With all the fake shops out there selling cheap knock offs and lower class products, you need to ensure that you set yourself above them and exude the aura of legit business operations especially in the visual and aesthetic aspect of things.

4. You Need to Expand Your Shop’s Features and Pages

Some themes contain more pages than others. For instance, there are themes that would offer a landing page or a blog section so you can do some marketing strategies through blog posts or web content without requiring your customers to leave your website. This is another reason why you would need to change or upgrade your online shop’s theme especially when you’re still using the default one that is built-in with Shopify.

Take time to study your business and see what pages you would need to have in order to present your product or business to your prospective customers in a more effective manner. The design and layout of your product pages also leaves a great impact on whether or not a new site visitor would choose to purchase or not. Choosing a theme that makes tweaking these pages easy would be a wise move.

The Quickest Way of Changing Your Online Shop’s Looks!

As you can see, changing your theme has a handful of benefits which transcends and encompasses many different aspects of your business. It’s not just the looks that are changed but it is undeniable that it’s the quickest way of changing your shop’s overall image especially in Shopify. Thankfully, there are several sources that you can visit if you need to look for a theme that would work best for your business.

There are those that offer free themes and others that sell premium ones. But no matter which one you choose, you need to make sure that it will benefit your shop as a whole. It must have every design and layout aspect that you need in order to entice new customers and keep the regular ones more loyal to your brand. A theme governs all visual aspect of your shop so it is but normal that you need to ensure that you’re using the right one. If it’s your first time to change your Shop’s theme then be sure to check out our tutorials that demonstrate the process. It’s a straightforward thing I assure you!

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