Topping The List: Why Shopify is Dominating the E-Commerce Space

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Through the years, there have been several issues being thrown on Shopify but the e-commerce platform has simply shrugged it off and continued ruling from the top. Have you ever wondered why Shopify is so effective at maintaining its spot as the number one e-commerce platform? It is the best in almost every aspect but even with its popularity, skeptics still choose to see the negatives.

If you are thinking about building your own online shop but chose other platforms more than Shopify then you need to look into the details why it is ruling the e-commerce space through the years. There are several reasons why Shopify continues being at the top and we’re going to tackle every single one of them so just read on to find out the answers.

Shopify is the Best! Here’s Why

Current numbers show that there are over 3,000,000 merchants who already made the choice of making Shopify their e-commerce platform of choice. Even with the several other platforms that exist in the market, you will still see this 18-year old powerhouse ruling the rest. The numbers already suggest what the majority of aspiring online businessmen and women are choosing Shopify and here are the reasons that justify that presented plain and simple.

1. Shopify is Simple But Efficient

The makers of this e-commerce giant have made sure that it sets a clear boundary between its design as compared to the other platforms. In fact, it is highly possible that the new e-commerce brands out there just copied some design concept from Shopify itself. But nothing really beats the one that came first. It has been number one and will always be no matter how others would try. Navigating through Shopify’s backend is a smooth and intuitive experience and you can find your way through it very easily.

Changing of themes, making some minor layout modifications, and doing many other tasks is possible even without any coding skills or experience. This is just one of the things that make Shopify the best and there still are more to trail this list so just read on and discover ever more reasons why it continues to rule.

2. Shopify Offers Variety and Personalization

Aside from its being an efficient e-commerce platform, Shopify also offers a variety of options from customization and personalization either through the use of apps or through advanced coding. If you’ve got the budget to pay for a Shopify developer then you can go for the latter but if you’ve got none then go for the former. Apps may entail cost but it’s not that much when compared to hiring the expertise of a developer.

With apps, you can add features and components to your site that can help collect customer email, entice them to sign-up for loyalty programs, or even help you monitor sales and web analytics in an easy way.

Other apps would also make changing certain design and other visual aspects of a shop very easily. These are those that offer customization and personalization. The best thing about Shopify is that it welcomes customization both from newbies who doesn’t have any coding or web design skills and those who are experts in coding themselves. It is the e-commerce for everyone and it will continue to make innovations and development as the years pass.

3. Friendly and Helpful Customer Support

Shopify users also commend the company’s very helpful customer support team who are there ready to assist 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A hotline is even available for other countries so talking to a real person who knows the ins-and-outs of Shopify. Not all experiences of contacting Shopify’s customer support team were pleasant though. There are those who say that the agent they talked to wasn’t as helpful as they expected but with Shopify’s popularity, it is easy to find help and other answers to almost any type of issues in it from different sources all around the Internet.

Customer support is an important aspect of every business. In fact, it is one of the strongest foundations of a successful business. Failing with it will mean a disaster so be sure to hire someone who will handle this crucial aspect especially as your business grows. Someone who has the expertise and training and finding a virtual assistant with the right skills would be possible. You will find several virtual staffing sites out there who list talented people in almost every industry so you can pick the best VA for your intended job or purpose.

4. Several Forums and Blogs to Get Guides From

Because of Shopify’s popularity and the millions of users that it has under its belt, finding support from third-party blogs and community forums becomes an easy task. There are even answers that you’ll find in such forums that you cannot find anywhere from Shopify’s support community. Tips, tricks, and other workarounds are available from third-party websites that also discuss this stuff and you will surely find great help from them as you strive to improve your shop’s performance and manageability.

Finding experts from these forums is also possible especially if you need some technical help that requires advanced knowledge. Shopify is number one because the many resources that has already been created to address the lack of knowledge base back when the company was more focused on development.

5. Shopify is Flexible and Adaptable

It is flexible because of the fact that there are several types of businesses that it can support. Shopify does not only support online shops but also donation sites, non-profit organizations, and even groups and organizations for sports and leisure. It can adapt to any of your intended use and it is even possible to customize it further using the many themes that are available for every type of business that you want to use it for.

This flexibility contributed much to its enduring success and even to this day, this e-commerce platform continues to rule all the rest. What is great about Shopify is its commitment and dedication to continually develop the platform in order to serve better and make Shopify the bestest ever! As their motto itself says, they want to help making e-commerce easy for everyone! They lived to that tenet all these years; they are committed to living by it in the years to come.


There you have it, the top 5 reasons why Shopify continues to be the best e-commerce platform even through the 16 years of its existence. People who say that it’s not simply didn’t care to test it. Are you still thinking about the best platform to use for your planned online business? You need to make the right decision and see what every platform can offer and assess if it will be a perfect match for your business and your intended purpose. First zero-in on the product that you want to sell then study each option that you have in mind for the very best fit for the venture that you’re thinking to put up.

Starting early and building your online business with a strong foundation is crucial in ensuring continuous growth and development. Don’t hold back anything good from your business and one of the best things you can give it is a strong e-commerce platform just like Shopify. We are going to explore more things about this e-commerce platform so keep tuned in to our blog to learn everything that there is about Shopify!

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