Website Speed: Why It Matters and What Should You Do To Achieve It

Website Speed: Why It Matters and What Should You Do To Achieve It

We’ve been discussing much about a website’s loading speed in our previous articles but we’re not through with it yet. This time, we’re going to discuss why ensuring your website runs at its best matters and as well as some simple steps that you can do in order to ensure that this happens. Websites are composed of codes, scripts, images, and many other components that are needing to work together in order to make your website function as it is supposed to but sometimes issues in these scripts can cause problems that result in a slow website.

That is why it is important that you know how to speed up your online shop and perform every possible optimization method so your site performs at its best every time! So why does your website speed matter and what are the steps that you need to follow in order to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible? In this article, we are going to give you the top 3 reasons why website speed is so important to your online shop and as well as give some brief recommendations on how you can ensure that your online store performs at its best all the time.

What Statistics Say

Any action that you do or strategy that you employ in an effort to make your shop perform better will be more effective if you have some statistical data that backs it up. And in terms of page loading speeds, there are plenty of useful data which you can glean wisdom from so you can make better decisions and employ better strategies to make your online shop perform at its best every time. Here are some awesome statistics that we’ve gathered so far:

- Over 70 percent of customers actually affirmed that they preferred ordering products from online stores with a faster page loading speed. It means that your shop will get better sales and overall profit if you make it run faster by doing some trimming on the codes and compress any image that you use so that it doesn’t take up too much resource just to load it fully and make it viewable to your customers.

- Just a single second added to your website’s page loading time can actually cause around 5 percent decrease in its overall conversion rate. Conversion means the number of customers and website visitors who would actually purchase your product. A lower conversion rate would mean that a bigger number your website visitors just view your shop and never really do a purchase. Higher conversion rate is the complete opposite of that and the target is that every website visitor is enticed to do a purchase.

- Over 20% of purchase done in online shops was performed using mobile devices. That means that your shop pages should be optimized for such devices and the way which you can do this is through AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. This strategy will not only make your pages perfect for mobile devices but would also bring your shop higher in Google’s mobile search results. That means there’s going to be a higher chance for your shop to be found by prospective customers.

A fast-loading website truly is important in ensuring business success and you’ve just seen some statistical data that firmly supports it. So let’s now go to the reasons why your shop badly needs speed optimization as well as some brief recommendations for you to pursue in order to ensure that your shop loads faster than its competitors.

Why Page Loading Speeds Matter

The statistics we’ve given above already gives you some preliminary details on why website speed matters but we’re going to add more to that to help you see how speed positively affects your shop’s importance and learn why it matters. So without further ado, let’s start talking about the first one.

1. Website Speed Helps Create Good Business Reputation

A slow website would leave a bad impression especially on new website visitors and therefore leave your business less productive. That is why it’s important that you do some speed optimization steps so that your shop works at its best and performs well for every customer that visits the shop. Make every page load fast so that it is able to display every detail about your product in the quickest time possible. A website that is able to display every detail to its customer will surely achieve better reputation and that’s what you need to be working on especially if you’re just starting with your online shop business. Remember, first impression always lasts!

2. Impressive Website Speeds Create Great Customer Experience

If your shop is optimized in every aspect that’s there especially the areas where customers are going to spend most of their time on then you can expect that customers will love purchasing your products. It’s not just the fancy theme or the high-quality photos that customers truly care about. The truth is they also want have the best experience in doing business with your shop. Keep them informed and every detail which customers need to know about your product in the description section. Optimize the code and scripts from the backend especially in the checkout process since it is the final and most important point in the whole customer journey. Aim to offer only the best in every aspect and that includes your website’s page loading speeds.

3. Great Loading Speeds Results in Better SEO Ranking

We’ve mentioned about this earlier but to make things clearer, we’re going to talk about it in greater detail. Search engines especially Google has already come up with an algorithm that identifies even a website’s average page load time and it has become one of the metrics in website rankings in search results. This is true especially in the mobile device category. So it is best to get your website working as fast as possible in terms of page loading times so it can rank better in your prospective customer’s search result and therefore gain as much visits as possible. And if you employed other optimization strategies that are aimed towards ensuring higher conversion rate, the road towards business success becomes a lot smoother. Impressive page loading speeds therefore rules and to say it plainly, it always remains as king!


The speed at which your website pages load and completely displays on different device screens really plays a big role in overall growth and success. It not only ensures that your business is earning good impressions and achieves great reputation but also allows you to pave a smoother and better way towards overall growth and success. It’s just one trick that most successful Shopify merchants employ which you should do too. Start with it today and see the great impact it can leave for your shop!

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