Workaround for 1000 Variant Per Day Shopify Limit - No Code Required

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Shopify has a 1000 variant per day limit for stores. You can get around this limit by upgrading to Shopify Plus (but it's pretty expensive!).

Some users have reported Shopify support might be able to remove this limit on your account, but it doesn't look promising.

Here are some workarounds you can do with third-party apps:

  • Excelify
  • Bulk Product Generator


Excelify is a great app for importing large amount of products via CSV files.

There's also an option to automatically import 1000 items the next day.

This doesn't fix the problem, but lets you continually insert 1000 items a day until it's all completed.

Once the app is installed, simply click on the Options button and check the box that says "Continue importing the next day if Shopify daily import limit is reached".

Excelify has a free plan and paid plans start at $20/month.

Bulk Product Generator

Bulk Product Generator is a clever app that continually generates 1000 variants a day - even if you're not importing any.

This means it generates up to 365,000 products each year that you can later edit. Most users of this app keep it running 24/7.

You can customize how products are generated and with how many variants.

Pricing starts at $4.99/month.

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