Combine Shopify Products Into Sets Or Bundles – No Code Required

Eddy Chung

Combining products is a great way to increase your order value and revenue. Shopify doesn’t have this feature built-in so you’ll need to install an app.

Shopify products can be combined into sets or bundles using one of these apps:

  • Bold Bundles
  • Upsell Bundled Products
  • Bundles

Bundle & Set Shopify Apps Compared

App NamePricing per month ($)Trial Period (days)Number Of ReviewsRating (out of 5)
Bold Bundles19.99+14600+3.8
Upsell Bundled Products19.95+880+4.7

Bold Bundles

Bold Bundles is made by the popular BOLD commerce team. It currently has a 3.8/5 and over 600 reviews.

It allows you to boost average order value by promoting bundle offers and BOGO up-sells right from the product page. Customers can purchase a full price item and receive another item at a discount.

It also can suggest frequently bought together items and bundle by collection allowing for Mix & Match.

All inventory is kept up to date with Shopify’s built-in inventory management system. Bold Brain can automatically suggest and activate bundles using artificial intelligence.

Product Bundles look great on product pages

Pricing starts at $19.99/month and a 14-day free trial is included.

Upsell Bundled Products

Upsell Bundled Products offers your customers bundle products and optionally discounts with the bundles.

It’s very easy and safe to install as it works with Shopify’s existing inventory and product system.

You can create an unlimited number of bundles with the same product, setup fixed or percentage discounts for bundles and fully customize the design.

shopify bundle app

Upsell Bundled Products starts at $19.95/month and has an 8-day free trial.


Bundles allows you to sell multi-packs of the same product and keeps all your inventory up to date.

Bundles requires no updates to your template or liquid files. It has no effect on the speed of your Shopify store and runs completely separate from all sales channels.

It has a tiered pricing feature for multi-packs and is very easy to setup.

Create new bundle

Bundles starts at $14/month and has a 10 day free trial.