Create Downloadable PDF On Shopify – No Code Required

Eddy Chung

Let your users download a freebie or a white-paper from your Shopify website.

To create a downloadable PDF in Shopify:

  1. Upload the file to Shopify by going to Settings > Files. Click Upload files and select your PDF.
  2. Copy the URL of the PDF. It should start with “https://cdn.shopify”
  3. Open the page you want to add the download link, create a link to this URL you just copied.
  4. Your link should now let a store visitor open your PDF.

Want to force it download instead of opening in the browser?

You’ll have to host it somewhere else. I recommend Dropbox. Follow Dropbox’s instructions to force download here.

Want a nicer looking link?

Use a URL shortener, here are some apps that can do it for you:

You can also use third-party websites such as