How To Fix & Use Fraud Filter Shopify App Fast

Eddy Chung

Fraud Filter is a Shopify by Shopify themselves. It’s allows you to create customer filters to help you prevent fraud.

It’s complete free, but the reviews don’t look too good. When I installed it, it had a 2.4/5 star score.

Let’s see how it actually works.

Right after installing the app, the app goes into a redirect loop on your browser.

It flips between “You haven’t created any rules yet” and restarts the app multiple times.

Eventually this errors out and this error message is displayed:

Not a good start. Looks like the app has an issue with the browser cookies.

This seems to be the main complaint in the reviews – that the app doesn’t work or doesn’t start.

On Chrome, I can click the little privacy icon at the end of my address bar and enable cookies. Let’s see if that fixes the problem:

Click the “Site not working?” link and then select allow cookies.

Now let’s try to re-launch the application.

Looks like enabling the cookies did work and now we have Fraud Filter launched.

Let’s take a look at adding a filter.

This interface of adding rules seems pretty easy to use. You name your rule and then decide the on the Action. The action can either be a warning or an automatic cancel.

The rules can be set on many details of your order including:

  • Email
  • Landing site
  • Referring site
  • Total price
  • Browser IP
  • AVS or CVV code
  • Credit card number
  • Credit card company
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • User Agent
  • Accept-Language
  • Session Hash
  • Email
  • Name
  • Customer ID
  • Order Count

For each of these options, you can set the matching option as well. The options include:

  • is
  • is not
  • contains
  • does not contain
  • begins with
  • ends with
  • is greater than
  • is greater than or equal
  • is less than
  • is less than or equal to

Each filter can be made more specific by adding multiple rules. The filter will only be activated if all these rules match.

Finally at the end there are additional options including:

  • Re-stock product inventory
  • Send cancellation email
  • Refund transaction amount (if available)

Overall, Shopify’s Fraud Filter app is a simple app that allows you to manually add filters.

The main problem is just getting it started, which I was able to do by allowing cookies.