Add More Than 100 Product Variants In Shopify – No Code Required

Eddy Chung

Most store owners won’t need more than 100 variants for a product – but some products require more! This could because you have a lot of different sizes and styles for your product.

The best way to add more than 100 product variants to Shopify is to use an App. Infinite Options, Bold Product Options, Product Options, and Customizer and Product Variants Reloaded all offer this feature.

App NamePricing per month ($)Trial Period (days)Number Of ReviewsRating (out of 5)
Infinite Options7.99143000+4.9
Bold Product Options19.99+142100+4.7
Product Options and CustomizerFree or 9.99+14700+4.6
Product Variants Reloaded14.99+142+5.0

Infinite Options by ShopPad Inc.

Infinite Options allows you create an unlimited number of options and variants for your products including:

  • text
  • numbers
  • calendars
  • swatches
  • dropdown menus

It also includes product bundling features like gift wrapping or other special packaging. This allows you drive up your average order value by offering these add-ons.

It has over 3000 reviews and 4.9/5 rating. This probably one of the best ratings I’ve seen for an app with that many reviews.

Infinite Options also allows you to add customization options such as personal engraving, custom printing and more.

You can set the default options and placeholders to your liking. Installation is a breeze as it only requires 1 line of code to add to your theme.

Pricing is very affordable at just $7.99/month and there’s a 14 day free trial so you can be sure its a good fit for your store.

Bold Product Options

Bold Product Options allows for unlimited product options with customization, conditional logic and pricing.

The custom fields and options that are available include:

  • swatches
  • file uploads
  • text areas
  • date pickers
  • conditional logic
  • radio buttons
  • and more…

A cool feature of Bold Product Options is the addition of cross-selling and bundling. This allows you to increase order value.

Customers are also able to edit their product options in the cart. The app allows the store owner to add tooltips and directions to streamline the checkout process.

The app has over 2000 reviews and a review score of 4.7/5.

Pricing starts at $19.99/month and goes up to $49.99/month if you want all the features. A 14-day trial is included to make sure the app is right for your store.

Product Options and Customizer by Product Customizer

Product Options and Customizer allows for unlimited product variants, up-sells and conditional logic.

It offers all the same fields and options that the above two apps have. They also have 24/7 free tech support incase you need help setting it up.

You can also use bulk edit options to manage a large amount of products.

This app has over 600 reviews with a review score of 4.6/5.

Pricing starts at $9.99/month and goes up to $99.99/month. A 14 day trial is included.

Product Variants Reloaded by SellersDash Apps

Product Variants Reloaded allows you to add up to 1000 variants per product.

It also allows you to bundle products together to increase the order value.

You also have options to hide the child products from collection pages and search pages.

This plugin is SEO friendly and allows you upload your products via CSV.

Pricing starts at $14.99/month and there is a 14-day trial period.

Custom Code DIY

If none of these apps are the right fit for you, you can consider coding a solution yourself or hiring a Shopify developer to do so.

Jason Bowman at FreakDesign has created some code you can use to get started with.