Block A Country From Ordering In Shopify – No App and App Solutions

Eddy Chung

Perhaps you are experiencing customs or fraud issues from a particular country. Here are some ways to block a country from your Shopify store.

Remove Shipping Options

To prevent orders being shipped to a specific country you can add it as a specific shipping option.

Go to Settings > Shipping and Delivery. Or search for “Shipping” in the search bar of your Shopify admin.

Click manage rates and add the country by clicking “Create shipping zone”. Here I am using the example Canada.

Then, simply do not create any shipping rates for that country you’ve just added. You will notice the warning “No rates. Customers in this zone won’t be able to complete checkout”. Which is exactly what you want.

Hit save and now anybody trying to ship an order to Canada won’t be able to. This is what they will see in checkout:

You can use this same method to add more countries to the “blacklist” or even specific states.

Block Countries From Accessing Your Store

If you want to take it a step further by blocking access entirely, you can use an app that will redirect or simply reject any traffic coming from a certain country.

There are many apps to do this, here are some to choose from:

You can also consider coding your own solution using popular free APIs such as