How To Respond To Comments On Shopify Blog – Hack & Alternatives

Eddy Chung

Currently there isn’t a “reply” button in Shopify allowing you to respond to your blog posts directly.

It’s been a feature requested for many years, but Shopify has not gotten around to it.

The best way to respond to blog posts on your Shopify store is to view the page as a visitor and simply write another comment.

To notify the user that you’ve responded, you can go to your blog post in your Shopify admin and find their email at the bottom:

You can then send the email to this person and link back to the blog post to let them know you’ve replied.

Using Third-Party Commenting Software

The built in commenting feature in Shopify is quite limited. If you would like nested threads or you want the user to be able to comment with their Facebook account you can consider some third-party options.

Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments is a Shopify app that brings Facebook commenting to your website. This helps prevent spam and lets users comment without logging in (assuming they’ve already logged into Facebook).

This will add important features such as:

  • Ability to customize comment design
  • Enables for comment notifications
  • Likes and responses

The app costs $3.99/month and comes with a 3 day trial.


EasyDisqus is a Shopify app that adds DISQUS comments widget to your store.

You’ve probably seen DISQUS comments widgets all over the internet. It’s marketed as “The #1 way to build an audience on your website”. In fact, this blog uses DISQUS comments!

You can use DISQUS’s free plan for your Shopify store and blog.

The EasyDisqus Shopify app costs $4/month and comes with a 7-day free trial.