How To Get One Page Checkout On Shopify Without Shopify Plus

Eddy Chung

One page checkout has been known to increase conversion rates. It gives the user a sense of how much of the checkout is left to be completed, simply by scrolling down the page.

Shopify by default, has a 4 page checkout flow.

  1. Cart
  2. Customer information
  3. Shipping information
  4. Payment

Potential customers can abandon at any step and this leads to loss sales. Let’s take a took at “one-page” checkout solutions.

Shopify Plus

The only official solution provided by Shopify. Shopify Plus allows store owners to completely customize their checkout experience.

However it doesn’t mean one-page checkout will just be a one-click solution. This will still require custom development.

If you’re not tech-savvy you may have to hire a Shopify developer to make it work.

Shopify Plus is also very pricy, starting at $2000 a month.

Third-Party Solutions

There are multiple third party solutions to getting a one page checkout. None of them are available on the Shopify app – since Shopify wants you to upgrade to Shopify Plus 🙂

Shopify One Page Checkout By Magebird

Magebird has created an affordable option for store owners looking for one-page checkout.

The app includes various features to increase your sales:

  1. Countdown timer
  2. Sidebar promo messages
  3. Form field reduction
  4. Trust badges
  5. Upsells

Cart abandonment still works and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

However, it looks like it’s still in beta, as they’re only accepting stores that have on average less than 50 orders per day.

So perhaps it won’t be the best choice for established or rapidly growing stores.

But at the price of 14 Euros a month (as of this writing), it could be worth a try. Check it out here.


TeleCheckout is a custom one-page checkout solution for your Shopify store.

It requires no coding or liquid file editing and works seamlessly with your existing plugins and apps.

Standard cart abandonment will also behave as expected.

It also supports multiple currencies with a third-party application.

The standard plan is 19.50 Euros a month with a 1% transaction fee with the current promotion code “ONEPAGE”.

Bold Checkout

Bold Commerce is one of the biggest companies in the Shopify app developer world.

They have a product called Bold Checkout – this enables a very customizable solution.

Or you can pick from their many pre-built templates if you don’t want to build your own layout.

It supports WebHooks and APIs so you can create a solution that best suits your business.

Not only do they support one-page or multi-page checkouts, but they also allow you to A/B test them to ensure you have the highest conversion rate.

Here are some additional features Bold Checkout offers:

  • Cart Recovery
  • Capture payment options
  • Upsell after checkout
  • Stored payment information
  • Address validation
  • Multiple currencies

There is no price listed on their website, so it’s probably for stores with larger budgets.


CartHook is known for including post-purchase offers directly inside your Shopify Checkout.

However, it also has a feature of one-page checkout.

It’s unclear how long this feature will last, as they’ve recently announced they are going to integrate with the native Shopify checkout.

They’ve done over $173 million dollars in up-sell revenue through their app.

Pricing starts at $500/month + 0.5% fee on all Carthook revenue.


Checkout X is a custom checkout solution for Shopify that offers a fast experience.

They claim to be twice as fast as other checkouts, have 30% fewer fields and 40% fewer clicks.

They allow for your own custom branding and upsells.

Pricing starts at 39 Euros a month with a 1% transaction fee.

Better Conversion Rate, More Sales

I’m developing my own solution for checkout. Instead of replacing your Shopify checkout and losing Shop Pay, my app will add social proof, exit intent, and countdown timers to your existing checkout. It will also allow you to add custom CSS and custom Javascript – all without Shopify Plus. Sign up here.