Force Customer Account Verification In Shopify – Great For Wholesalers

Eddy Chung

Perhaps you would like your store to verify a customer’s email before allowing them to purchase. This is common for wholesalers or exclusive shops.

Shopify does not have this feature built-in, but there are apps that do this for you. I recommend Customer Fields or Locksmith.

Customer Fields by Helium

Customer Fields by Helium allows you to review and approve accounts before they’re allowed to see the prices or order.

It is very customizable and allows for custom fields. This lets you gather additional information about your customer.

You can then use this information to automatically tag and segment your customer base.

There are also many integrations and you can export your customer data to CSV, your email service provider or create your own custom integration with Zapier.

Pricing starts at $12/month and a 14-day free trial is included.

Locksmith by Lightward

Locksmith by Lightward is another popular app that allows for complete access control on your Shopify store.

It’s super customizable and you can modify access for many cases including:

  • has a certain tag
  • is signed in
  • gives a certain passcode
  • arrives via a secret link
  • is not signed in
  • does not have a certain tag
  • gives one of many passcodes
  • subscribes to your Mailchimp list or newsletter
  • subscribes to your Klaviyo list or newsletter
  • has one of many email addresses
  • the customer’s email contains something specific
  • has purchased a specific product
  • has placed at least x orders
  • has a certain product in their cart
  • has a certain variant in their cart
  • has at least $x in their cart
  • has a certain IP address
  • is visiting from a certain country
  • is visiting before a certain date and time
  • is visiting after a certain date and time

It’s powerful but it’s also simple to use.

Pricing starts at $9/month and a 15-day free trial is included.