Sales History Of A Shopify Product In 5 Minutes

Eddy Chung

How can you tell if a product is selling well? What should you push more in your marketing?

Here’s how to find the sales history of a Shopify product:

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin and go to Analytics.
  2. Select Reports and find the Sales box.
  3. Inside the Sales box, select Sales By Product and adjust the dates to your liking.

Then you can choose to export this file as a CSV and analyze it in Excel or Google Sheets.

You can also use the Average Inventory Sold Per Day report to find the quantity sold.

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports
  2. Go to Inventory, hit show all and select Average inventory sold per day
  3. Adjust the dates to your liking

Another way to do it is thru the Finance box in Reports:

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports
  2. Inside the Finance Box, select Total Sales
  3. Adjust the date as necessary.
  4. Export to CSV and open in Sheets or Excel
  5. Delete everything except for Product, Variant and Net Quantity.
  6. Select all your cells and sort by Product
  7. Use the auto-sum feature in Sheets or Excel to get the net quantity sold.