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Increasing Brand Ambassador Sales For Shopify Store

Increasing your conversion rate is usually far cheaper than increasing the number of leads. Here are some ideas to increasing your ambassador sales. Offer Freebies Freebies or “swag” are great ways to show appreciation for your ambassadors. They don’t have to be expensive either! Simple laptop stickers, postcards, or keychain trinkets work great. Your ambassadors … Read More

Getting Your First Brand Ambassadors For Shopify Store

So you’ve installed ConvertOut and are ready to start using ambassador marketing to grow your sales – but where do you find your first brand ambassadors? I’ll cover a couple of ways to find your first ambassadors to get your program off the ground. Your Existing Customers Your happiest customers make the best ambassadors.  This is … Read More

How To Add An External Link To Shopify Navigation

To add an external link (such as ambassador portal) to navigation, go to Online Store > Navigation.  Then you can select your Footer or Main menu. The main menu appears at the top of your store and will get more views. The footer appears at the bottom of your Shopify website. I recommend the Main menu, but it depends on the layout and styling … Read More

How To Start An Ambassador Program On Shopify

So you want to start an ambassador program on your Shopify store – but how can you issue discount codes, track commissions and let ambassadors track their performance? In this article, we’ll get you setup with an ambassador program – no technical wizardry required! Install ConvertOut Ambassadors The first thing you’ll need to do is … Read More

Why Ambassador Marketing Is More Effective Than Paid Social Ads

Everybody knows about paid social ads – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are probably the most popular ones. But what if I told you could get similar results with ambassadors and save money? Lower Reach, Higher Conversion Let’s get one thing straight – ambassadors don’t have to be major celebrities or have millions of Instagram followers. … Read More

How To Grow Your Ambassador Program For Your Shopify Store

We live in the age of influencers. Running a digital ad on Instagram is better than running an ad on national television for most companies. Both in terms of outreach and costs. Social media allows us to target specific groups of people more precisely than ever. But how can you get a piece of this … Read More

How To Upload An Image Or File To Shopify And Get Direct Link

Sometimes you need a direct link to an image or file for your Shopify store. To upload an image or file to Shopify, perform the following steps: Go to your Shopify admin and login Click Settings in the bottom left-hand corner. Click Files on the settings page. It has a paperclip icon. Click the Upload … Read More

Brand Ambassador Welcome Package Ideas For Your Shopify Store

You need to exceed the expectations of anybody you’re looking to convert into a brand ambassador. The welcome package or your product packaging can greatly increase the chances of a customer becoming an ambassador. Here are some ideas for brand ambassador welcome packages: Custom Packaging Company Stickers Free samples of your product Marketing cards Swag … Read More

Free Brand Ambassador Welcome Email Templates For Your Shopify Store

So you’ve landed an ambassador, but how can you make sure they stay and promote your brand? It’s always best to overdeliver and make the ambassador’s job as easy as possible. That way, they’re more likely to post your brand. Remember this, the faster the ambassador makes their first dollar, the more likely they will … Read More

Free Brand Ambassador Contract Template For Your Shopify Store

Onboarding your first ambassador but don’t have a contract ready? Don’t worry, here’s a template you can use and modify to your liking. Click the button below to get it now (no email required!). You’re free to use this template in your own business under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Edit them to your heart’s … Read More